FAQs about student membership

Ready to join the UK’s only professional body for physiotherapy?

After you’ve set up your online CSP account and completed the sign-up process, we’ll process your application and  send you your CSP membership number and badge.  You’ll then be able to start using all of the benefits and services at your fingertips.

As a CSP student member, you’ll need to read and follow our Code of Members’ Professional Values and Behaviour.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does CSP student membership cost in 2020/2021?

For students joining between 1 September 2020 and 31 August 2021, the annual cost of student membership is £42. You can pay your subscription in equal monthly payments (at £3.50 per month), annually (at £42 per year) or in full upfront for all years of your degree (e.g, for a three-year degree this would be £126).

Payments by instalment are collected within two months of applications being accepted.


What happens if my circumstances change?

If you withdraw from a physiotherapy programme, and have paid upfront for the whole year, we will refund payment for the months you do not need student membership. 

If you need to repeat a year, you will have to pay for an additional year of membership at £42.

If you interrupt your physiotherapy studies, and have paid upfront and in full for the whole year, we will hold the prospective payment until you resume your physiotherapy studies.

For help with membership changes, please contact our enquiries team.

I’m studying a pre-registration apprenticeship, what is the best membership option for me?

If you are studying an apprenticeship through an accredited physiotherapy programme, you should join the CSP as an Associate student member (which costs £9.64 per month). This membership provides you with the protection needed for your role in terms of workplace and legal support and the right insurance. You'll also have access to all the student benefits. To join, download and complete the student membership application form or contact our enquiries team.

Can I work as a physio support worker under student membership?

CSP student members do not have employment support and insurance cover, so if you are working as a support worker, it is worth becoming a CSP Associate student member. . You can get in touch with our enquiries team on 020 7306 6666 for more information.

If you are already a CSP associate member and are about to start a physio programme, you are entitled to free student membership. You will need to complete the 2020/2021 student application form (and if this is completed in your first term, you’ll receive one of two physiotherapy pocketbooks free – please see full details below).

Can I get insurance cover to practice sports massage while studying?

The CSP offers competitive top-up insurance for student members who hold a sports massage qualification.

  • The cost of cover between 1 July 2019 and 31 December 20 is £39.50.
  • The cost of cover between 1 January 2021 and 30 June 2021 is £25.50.

More on sports massage insurance

How do I receive a FREE pocketbook?


If you apply for student membership before the end of your first term of study, you will be eligible to receive a free physiotherapy pocketbook.

You will be able to indicate your pocketbook preference on the paper student application form, or via the online application form when prompted. You may choose one of two pocketbook options:

  • The Physiotherapist’s Pocketbook 3E, Kenyon and Kenyon
  • Anatomy and Human Movement Pocketbook 1E, Palastanga et al   

Your pocketbook will be sent to you by mail to the address on your application after it has been successfully processed. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.

Note: Pocketbooks are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All eligible students will receive a copy. However, please accept our apologies if your preferred selection is not available.

What happens to my membership after I graduate?

After you graduate, while you wait to be added to the HCPC register, your student membership automatically turns into graduate affiliate membership . When you enter onto the HCPC register, you will be able to change your membership to chartered.

While you wait, you’ll be able to access all the usual benefits you’re used to including the ePortfolio, Learning Hub, iCSP, Frontline, Physiotherapy News, CSP Plus, local networks and voting rights – to name a few. You will not be entitled to insurance  cover.

The first three months of your graduate affiliate membership will be free and thereafter you will be charged £5 per month.

How do I change what emails I receive from the CSP?

Please go to email settings within your membership account (you will need to log in). Here you can choose which emails to receive (we recommend the Student Life bulletin and Physiotherapy News emails to start with). You can also subscribe to email alerts from the interactive CSP (iCSP) forums by selecting 'Get Emails' at the top of each forum. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. 

If you joined the CSP using a paper application form, you will need to create a website account (and enter your membership number where requested) to access these settings and other member-only online features. 

I can't log into my account. What should I do?

If you cannot access your account, it may be because you need to set up a web account that is linked to your membership.  If you haven't already, please complete the short form at www.csp.org.uk/user/register and include your membership number. This will enable you to access the members-only pages and resources of the CSP website. If you cannot log in because you've lost your password, please reset. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our enquiries team.

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