NHS pay

Information about the 2021/22 NHS pay round for members in each UK nation

The CSP and its members sought to influence the 2021/22 NHS pay round. This page summarises the current situation in England, Scotland and Wales.

We are still waiting to hear the response of the Northern Ireland government.

NHS pay in England

Find out more about the status of 2021/22 pay award in England.

Progress on pay in England
Montage of CSP members holding #CSP4FairPay placards

Pay agreement for Scotland

Three-year pay arrangements for CSP members and other NHS staff in Scotland.

The arrangements involve changes to the Agenda for Change pay structure.

Pay arrangements for Scotland
The Scottish parliament building

Enhanced pay offer for Wales

Following lengthy negotiations, there is now an improved offer for NHS staff in Wales for this year, which the CSP will be consulting members on.

Pay arrangements for Wales
The Welsh parliament building

Health and Social Care pay in Northern Ireland

Find out the latest on the status on the pay award for public sector Health and Social Care staff in Northern Ireland.

Pay arrangements for Northern Ireland
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