CSP teams working in your area

We have teams of staff working across the UK – in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales and every region of England. Find out how we can offer you advice and support you in campaigning and influencing where you live, work or study.

Small UK map with CSP regions

Each team contains people in these roles:  

Campaigns and regional engagement officer: Plans, implements and evaluates CSP communication projects across the region to raise the profile of physiotherapy. Supports members to develop campaigns and communications to respond to regional or local issues. 

Professional advisor: Supports innovation in practice and service re-design/delivery for patient populations. Translates policy and evidence for practice within the region. 

Organiser: Works with colleagues to recruit workplace reps and members, and engage members in campaigns as appropriate. 

Senior negotiating officer: Organises and supports the steward and safety representative networks, including delivering regional-based training. Represents the CSP in respect of regional partnership forums and works with other trade unions in the region. 

Public affairs and policy manager (in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland): Works with governments and policymakers in the devolved nations. Monitors the effect of public policy changes on physiotherapy.

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