How to get more active

Taking regular exercise and following a balanced diet can have enormous benefits for your overall health, now and in the future, and being more physically active can be easy and inexpensive.

Physiotherapists understand that being active isn’t easy for everyone. Many people have injuries or conditions that stop them from exercising easily. Others simply struggle to find the time, energy or motivation.

Whatever your circumstances, here is some simple physiotherapy advice about how to get started and improve your health in a way that’s right for you.

Getting started

So that you can really feel the benefits of getting more exercise into your day, physiotherapists recommend that adults exercise for 30 minutes a day at moderate intensity, five times a week.

This can sound a bit daunting if you've never taken part in exercise before, but our advice will show you how to start getting active.

Get started
Two people going for a walk

Finding time to exercise

Fitting more activity into your day doesn't mean strenuous exercise - it could mean anything as simple as going for a walk, doing housework or getting active in the garden.

Follow our simple tips on how to fit more exercise into your life, whether it be by walking, doing more around the house, gardening or using apps or YouTube to join in more structured workouts.

Fitting exercise into your day
man using a watering can in the garden