Community rehabilitation

Find out why the CSP believes community rehabilitation services must be a priority for the whole profession and what we are doing about it


Rehabilitation makes people’s lives better, yet many of those who could most benefit face barriers to accessing these services. The coronavirus pandemic is driving up need. At the same time is can be a catalyst for much needed focus on how best to meet this.

Meeting the rehabilitation challenge

There are strong economic, ethical and ‘quality of life’ reasons to improve access to rehab services, and it's time to make the UK health and care systems more rehabilitative as a whole. 

We aim to build an alliance of national organisations committed to lobbying to improve access to quality rehab services across the UK.

How we'll meet the challenge
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Why developing community rehabilitation must be a priority for all of us

The evidence shows that that rehabilitation works and that more needs to be community-based. This is supported by policy commitments to improve primary and community care across the UK. 

The challenge ahead is to translate this into new approaches to rehabilitation that is on offer in the community, better access for the public and investment to make this happen. 

The importance of community rehab
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Raising standards for community rehabilitation

Our aim is to drive up the quality of community rehab services.

We'll do this through promoting approaches and initiatives that work and developing new evidence-based standards. 

Find out more
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Rehabilitation and Covid-19 - CSP policy statement

Find out what we're asking for on rehabilitation during and after the Covid-19 pandemic and why physiotherapy is critical for treating Covid-19. 

What rehab is need during and after the pandemic
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Standards for rehabilitation of Covid-19 patients

The CSP has developed standards for rehabilitation of adults hospitalised due to Covid-19 in response to the rapidly evolving situation. 

Rehab standards for adults hospitalised due to Covid-19
Covid-19 rehabilitation standards

Physiotherapy Services Checklist

The CSP and other key stakeholders have worked with NHS Right Care to develop the Community Rehabilitation Toolkit. However, this is targeted particularly at planners and commissioners of community services. The CSP has therefore developed this checklist for physiotherapy services, to enable you to identify both the specific strengths of your services and the areas for improvement.

Improve community rehabilitation by evaluating your physiotherapy service
Ticking off a checklist for physiotherapy services

Community rehabilitation influencing toolkit

The pandemic has brought to the forefront how important physiotherapy services are and we need this momentum to continue as the governments within the four countries start to plan for recovery and reshape what the future healthcare landscape looks like.

It is critical that we maintain pressure to remind politicians, planners and funders of community services of the importance of physiotherapy.

Learn how you can champion community rehab with local healthcare decision makers
community rehab toolkit
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