Rehabilitation, community rehab and recovery

If you’re looking to find out more about the CSPs role in shaping community rehabilitation and recovery services across the UK, then look no further

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Here you’ll find all the information you need about how the CSP is ensuring equitable access to high-quality, person-centred rehabilitation and recovery services, based in the community. 
Rehabilitation and recovery services make people’s lives better, yet many of those who could most benefit face barriers to accessing them. We want to change that.  

Rehab champions

The CSP's rehab champions in parliament support the #RightToRehab and help us to campaign for policy and legislative change.

Learn about rehab champions
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The human impact of community rehab and recovery

Discover the real-world consequences of high-quality community rehabilitation and recovery services when they are available, and when they are not.

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Why community rehab and recovery matters

We already know that rehabilitation works and that more needs to be based outside hospitals, in the community, closer to home.

But to do this, we need to reshape services, and overcome long-standing challenges.

How we'll meet the rehab challenge
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Alliances working across the UK

We are continuing to build alliances across the UK, committed to lobbying to improve access to quality rehab and recovery services across the UK.

Who we are working with and how to get involved
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Key rehab resources

We’ve pulled together advice and resources, including template letters and social media posts, so you can make an impact on rehab provision.

How we’re helping to shape the future
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How to influence decision makers

If we’re to reshape and improve community rehabilitation and recovery services, then we can’t do it alone.

Here’s how you can champion community rehab and recovery with local healthcare decision makers

How to champion community rehab and recovery
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Loss of rehab space

Find out how you can take action if your service is impacted by loss of physiotherapy space and download and personalise our template letter, which you can use to raise the issue directly with your trust's chief executive.

Loss of physiotherapy or rehab space
CSP opposes closure of rehab gym spaces amid Covid-19

Collaborate, don't compete

How collaborative working with other exercise professionals can improve outcomes for patients, populations and communities

Collaborate, don't compete
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Recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic

Thousands of people across the UK need rehabilitation and recovery after covid.

Our healthcare system, too, needs to recover.

Find out how the CSP is playing its part
Pulmonary rehabilitation may modestly improve anxiety and depression in adults

Intermediate care framework and community rehabilitation model FAQs

The FAQs set out here are designed to help CSP members and other AHPs better understand what the Intermediate Care Framework (ICF) and new model for rehab mean for them.

ICF and community rehabilitation model FAQs
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Latest news

Read the latest news on rehabilitation and recovery.

Latest news
Labour leader Keir Starmer speaking to NHS staff