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At the CSP, we seek to inspire the current and next generation of people working in the physiotherapy profession all across the world. That's why we welcome international physiotherapists and students to join the CSP as international affiliate members.


Join today to become part of our active thought-leadership community of 59,000 chartered physiotherapists, physio students and support workers and gain access to an outstanding knowledge bank of resources.

We champion the advancement of physiotherapy and its diversity both here in the UK and overseas. We do this through our active online networks and with peer-to-peer learning.

As a member, you will gain new and fresh perspectives, practical information and have opportunities to collaborate with our member community.

How to join

To join the CSP you'll need to first create a website account.

If you've already got a website account then you can join as an international affiliate member now.

Benefits of international affiliate membership

You will be able to make use of a variety of online tools to support your continued professional development including the latest evidence-based research. You will also gain access to over 60 speciality forums where you can connect and network with your peers in a safe, closed environment.

Enrich your knowledge

  • Subscribe to our endorsed Physiotherapy journal to build your knowledge and increase your evidence-based practice by reading original research focused on scientific, clinical and educational articles.
  • Set up alerts to our Discovery evidence search, it provides a gateway to a wealth of information to keep you updated or use our singular search engine to explore catalogues, e-journals and theses.

Know what’s happening in physiotherapy

  • Download 12 free digital issues per year of Frontline, our award-winning members magazine, which regularly covers articles about the latest research findings, resources and tools for physios and different opinion pieces from across the sector.
  • Sign up to weekly and quarterly news ebulletins for the latest news and developments impacting the profession and wider healthcare landscape.

 Move forward with your career

  • Improve your skills and knowledge by exploring our virtual Learning Hub which hosts educational content including videos, interactive courses, learning assignments and PDF downloads.
  • Record your growth in our ePortfolio tool. You can create and manage a digital folder of your work, reflections and achievements, helping you to succeed in your professional goals and contribute to life-long learning.
  • Take the next step in your career progression with Physiotherapy Jobs. Search, find and apply for roles in the NHS, independent sector and private practice.

Keep close to your community

  • Join discussions, share knowledge and connect with peers who have similar clinical and occupational interests using our member-only online community iCSP which is home to over 60 speciality forums.

    iCSP is an invaluable source of information and will provide you with exclusive access to a wide range of online physio communities so you can build your support network and progress professionally and personally.

To join as an international affiliate you must either:

  • live, work or study outside of the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands
  • have not registered as a physiotherapist in the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands
  • be studying a physiotherapy related course at any level
  • are not and never have been a chartered member.

Membership costs 2020

 Annual fee
Internation affiliate member 
12 month subscription 
£60 (+VAT/local taxes if applicable
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