Code of Members' Professional Values and Behaviour

The Code sets out the CSP's expectations of all members: qualified physiotherapists, associates and students

The CSP's Code of Members' Professional Values and Behaviour is centred around the needs of patients and clients. It sets out the high standards of behaviour required of you as a CSP member; following the Code forms part of your contract as a member of the CSP.

The Code also underlines your obligation to observe the relevant laws and regulatory requirements, as well as any rules set by your employer or educational institution.

It enables you to take responsibility for your decision-making and your actions, and to fulfil your duty of care to the people you serve.

The Code is built around four key principles:

1. Taking responsibility for your actions

  • Demonstrate appropriate professional autonomy and accountability

  • Act within their individual scope of practice

  • Make informed decisions.

2. Behaving ethically

  • Adhere to legal, regulatory and ethical requirements
  • Act with integrity, honesty and openness
  • Engage with relevant professional and social contexts.

3. Delivering an effective service

  • Put the needs of service users at the centre of their decision-making
  • Respect and support individuals’ autonomy
  • Communicate effectively
  • Work effectively with others.

4. Striving to achieve excellence

  • Seek to continuously improve
  • Demonstrate innovation and leadership
  • Support others’ learning and development
  • Support the development of physiotherapy.