Working with your CSP steward

What you can expect from your workplace accredited CSP steward after you have been offered support.

CSP workplace representatives - stewards and safety representatives - are our members first point of contact for advice and support in relation to any issues that arise in the workplace.

CSP stewards may: 

  • Offer advice if you have any queries about your employer’s policies and procedures
  • Refer you to useful sources that assist your preparation. 
  • When permitted, may accompany you to meetings with your employer.  Note: stewards cannot answer employer’s questions directed to you. Stewards may offer to ask managers - or a witness - questions on your behalf, provide information or give oral submissions helpful to your case. 
  • Seek advice or liaise with their CSP Senior Negotiating Officer (SNO) about the conduct of your case as and when they require. For example: on casework requiring detailed subject matter knowledge; or where both a manager and employee require workplace representation.

For more information, please see the role of a steward page.

How stewards work with you

Your steward will discuss with you how you would preferred to be contacted e.g. by email, in-person or telephone. They will also let you know how and when you contact them.  

As our stewards are also working clinicians, their availability is determined by the prior arrangements made with their managers, so we ask that you respect any time and date boundaries that are set.

Keeping stewards up to date

Please note that we can only act and give advice on the basis of the information that you provide us, so please provide full and relevant information at all times. This ensures that your steward is always up to date, and best able to support you.

Confidentiality with your CSP Steward

Your steward is aware of their responsibility to ensure that any information relating to your case is stored safely and confidentially. We may hold information regarding your case in a variety of formats (including email and scanned information) and will ensure this data is processed in accordance with current data protection legislation.

Any information you share with your steward should not contain any patient identifiable information or third party data (i.e. full names, addresses, age). This ensures that we keep in line with data protection regulations.

Expectations and responsibilities

CSP workplace representatives are voluntary roles.  Their ongoing workplace support is based on the following conditions:

  • No other trade union, professional association or lawyer may act for you or provide advice to you whilst we are acting on your behalf. It will always remain your choice who represents you but please inform your steward if you wish another party to do so.  The steward will then notify your employer that they are no longer involved in your case.
  • You should take all reasonable steps to communicate effectively and to actively engage with the steward supporting your case and not give them false or misleading information.
  • Not placing unworkable demands or restrictions upon your steward.  As volunteers, stewards are trained to assist you to prepare effectively when dealing with your employer. Ultimately, they are not responsible for the outcome of your case.  

Reasons we may consider withdrawing our support

Please note that our case support is provided at the discretion of the CSP.  Below are some examples of those rare incidences when the CSP may consider withdrawing support: 

  • A member’s behaviour to the steward is consistently disrespectful and/or discourteous, such as failure to attend or arriving excessively late at prior arranged meetings with the steward without good reason. 
  • The member consistently disregards the CSP’s advice without good reason.  
  • The member behaving in a clearly unacceptable hostile or aggressive way towards the steward or paid CSP staff, and or attempts to bully or coerce them.

If you have any comments or concerns regarding CSP representation please do discuss these initially with your steward, or raise with the regional SNO.

If the matter remains unresolved, we refer you to our complaints process or alternatively you can contact the CSP Enquiries Team 0207 306 6666 to access this information.

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