Information for new stewards, safety reps and equality reps

Are you a newly elected steward, safety rep or equality rep? Not sure where to start? Use our handy checklist below. 

CSP Stewards
New CSP stewards celebrate HeartUnions week

Follow the steps below (you may have done some already) and use the resources and links to make sure you have everything you need:

  • For questions relating to stewards, safety reps or equality reps induction training days or the online self study courses, please contact Sam Kyriacou at or on 0207 306 6679.
  • For queries on iCSP access, please contact Vanessa Carlton at or on 0207 306 6690.
  • Complete your CSP accreditation (see accreditation section below – you will need to be logged in).
  • Check with your human resources (HR) department that they have been informed of accreditation.
  • Arrange a handover of relevant documents from any previous CSP rep (if applicable) They will also be the best source of information on any local issues, so don't be afraid to ask for advice/information on any current issues.
  • Read about the role of a steward or safety rep for other useful info and top tips.
  • Look at the organising page  and say hello to your organiser – they are here to help you 
  • Check that you have the dates of any meetings you'll be attending.
  • Find out who else is a CSP steward or safety rep in your workplace and introduce yourself. They may be at another site. Use Find My Rep to locate them (you must be logged into the CSP website) 
  • Stewards - book a place on the next available stewards' induction course – remember, you can also enrol on the self-study course (for stewards and safety reps). Equality reps training is online and also a residential course in March 2024. To find out more, please contact Sam Kyriacou at or on 0207 306 6679.
  • Make sure you have received dates for regional training days and put them in your diary. You should attend where possible when invited. If you are unsure or not received the dates please check your stewards/safety reps/equality reps iCSP page or regional iCSP page. Or contact your regional steward.
  • Confirm you have the contact details for your regional steward(s) and senior negotiating officer (from your welcome letter). Make contact with them to introduce yourself.
  • Make sure you tell all your members that you are now their steward./safety rep/equality rep. You can request CSP posters and flyers (personalised with your name and email if you wish) using CSP's Print on Demand service.
  • Map your workplace: find out which of your colleagues are CSP members. As a CSP steward/safety rep/equality rep you can only represent paid-up members. If there are physios or assistants in your workplace who haven't yet joined the society (or are members of another union), try to recruit them.

Accreditation for stewards

Accreditation means you receive formal recognition and authorisation from the society to act in the capacity as a CSP steward. It also means that you can legally take time off to carry out your steward role. It is vital that you are accredited as soon as possible after your election:

The CSP provides full support and training for all accredited reps. All CSP stewards should enrol on a CSP stewards' induction course as soon as possible after their election. Due to demand, there may be a waiting period before you attend. But to get started, remember you can also enrol on the self-study course (for stewards and safety reps). To find out more, please contact Sam Kyriacou at

You should also ensure you attend regional training days to build up your skills and knowledge.

A word of caution: your manager may record your attendance on safety reps courses as study leave. Technically it's not, and this shouldn't affect your rights to take study leave for clinical courses in the future. If this happens, contact your senior negotiating officer immediately.

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