Representing members

Help members find solutions to their workplace problems.



As a steward you are the voice of your members at work. You will have to attend various meetings including, if you work in the NHS, local Staff Side meetings (where trade unions meet together) and Joint Negotiating Forums (where you negotiate with management). Wherever you work, your responsibility is to make your members' views and opinions heard, and to report decisions back to them.

One of your most important jobs is to help members find a satisfactory solution to their problems at work. These problems can range from possible disciplinary action being taken against a member, to a member wishing to take out a grievance. When a case arises the local policy should determine how the employer deals with the issue, including the sequence of steps they will follow and who will be involved.

Your job is to give the member information and advice about what will happen and, once you have all the information you need, advise them on the merits of the case, including where you believe CSP representation is not appropriate. It is important to give them an honest and objective view, even where it may not be popular with the member.

When approached by an individual for help, always check first that they are a CSP member.

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