Dealing with change toolkit

This kit provides practical advice and resources to you on: 

  • Negotiating a good consultation process to protect members and improve your employer’s decision-making 
  • Organising members to achieve their aims 
  • Why taking a health, safety and wellbeing approach can help you and your members. 
  • How to deliver a successful CSP submission to your employer 
  • Other useful information and where to access it 


  1. Introduction to your dealing with change toolkit – an overview for reps on their role and using the toolkit. 
  2. How to organise your members – mapping the workplace to find your key CSP contacts to work with you, to help organise members to engage with management. 
  3. The CSP advice sheet to members on dealing with change – practical information for members.
  4. Your Negotiation Template for a good staff consultation (Part 1) – use as your checklist or as a proposed draft memorandum of understanding to your managers. Flowchart managing change in partnership (Part 2) – Assess your employer’s policy and procedures against this example of best practice. 
  5. Impact of change on health, safety & wellbeing, and what safety reps can do – to protect members. 
  6. What is good change management – the key principles 
  7. Checklist to review your employer’s risk assessment – Is their risk assessment sufficient? 
  8. The CSP impact assessment form & SWOT template for members – assists members to set priorities and demonstrate the impact on their roles and services. 
  9. How to prepare and what to cover in your written response – Advice sheet for members. 
  10. Other related CSP resources – List of useful sources relevant to change at work.