New stewards induction course: independent learning

We've developed a self-study version of our online induction course that can help support you in your role as a steward.


Are you a newly accredited steward and need to access your induction training now? Are you a steward who has not had the opportunity or time to do your induction training? Did you do your induction training a while ago and need a refresher? 

If so, the ERUS (Employment Relations and Union Services) training team has developed a self-study version of our online induction course that can help support you in your role. It is hosted on the CSP Learning Hub and delivered via the learning software, Moodle. The benefits include: 

  • access to the course at any time after the launch 
  • no need to complete the course all in one sitting, as you can work through it at your own speed 
  • access to many of the the relevant resources you need as a CSP rep
  • a digital badge upon completion. 

The course is not supported by CSP tutors but will give you the information and knowledge to be an effective rep.

On the course you will work through a range of activities including quizzes, case studies, videos, reading resources and group chats. You will receive feedback and answers to the activities but this will not be individualised. 

The course has sections (called chapters in Moodle) on: 

  1. The role of the steward 
  2. Stewards' legal rights 
  3. Communicating with members 
  4. Recruitment 
  5. Working with your manager 
  6. Understanding policies and procedures 
  7. Working with other unions and your employer 
  8. An introduction to negotiating 
  9. Dealing with workplace issues 
  10. Representing members 
  11. Grievances 
  12. Disciplinary procedures 
  13. Equality and diversity 
  14. Action planning – next steps 

To register for this course please contact Once you've been registered, you can start any time you want. 

As this course will be available continually, there is no registration deadline but you do need to register with us first before you can access it.

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