CSP support in the workplace

Our trade union organisers, Kevin Dale and Siân Caulfield, want to hear what is important to you in the workplace and how they can support you to make a difference.

Get active

Whether you have just joined the CSP or you are a long standing member, we want you to become active in the union. 

Since joining the CSP as trade union organising officers, we've been out recruiting new employees as associate members and encouraging existing members to get more involved.  There are many issues facing physiotherapy and NHS workers and we've been listening to members' views on how we can best support everyone.

Get campaigning

In our meetings with members, we've heard about their concerns and issues, which have helped inform our campaigning strategy.

As an example, we've heard a lot about the issue of the cost of car parking charges and the negative impact it has, as a tax on staff working in the NHS. Where there are proposals to introduce or increase parking charges we are keen to hear from members to organise campaigns against this.

We've also heard a lot about the lack of opportunities for training, CPD and advancement in the profession.

Additionally, working as a team with other colleagues in the CSP, we have launched local campaigns where physiotherapy services were under threat. The campaigns have seen us successfully fight off proposals in Mid Essex with the active involvement of our members, and there are indications that we are making a positive impact in Worcester too.

Earlier this year we also arranged a week of meetings in Northern Ireland so we could listen to the views of our existing local members and encourage non-members to join.

We organised a workshop on scope of practise at each workplace which was well-received.  The members who attended shared with everyone how much they appreciated being able to get hold of someone within the CSP when they needed support and guidance at work.

Get involved

Being more involved with the CSP can help you develop professionally and personally and we would encourage all associate members to consider becoming a CSP steward or health and safety rep.

If you don’t feel you can spare the time for one of these roles, you may be interested to know that we've introduced a new role, the CSP workplace contact, to make it possible for you to be involved. The workplace contact role involves a member nominating themselves to be a point of contact for the CSP, either alongside a steward or in a workplace that doesn’t have a rep.

Workplace contacts may carry out tasks such as sharing information, encouraging others to join the CSP or helping arrange meetings.  Please get in touch if you are interested.

There are many issues facing all of our members as the challenges of working in the NHS becomes greater. We are available to offer you advice and support about becoming more active, campaigning or tackling any issue that matters to you. 

If members would like a CSP trade union organiser to speak at a meeting in their workplace (to associate members only or to all of the local membership) then please contact us at getorganised@csp.org.uk.

Please also remember that where you have a local steward and/or safety representative, they are there to help where your job, working conditions or physiotherapy service are at risk. If you need to find out who your rep is, phone CSP Enquiries on 020 7306 6666 or email enquiries@csp.org.uk.

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