HeartUnions week: 8–14 February 2021

HeartUnions week 2021 is now over, but we'll be back next year with another programme of exciting activities celebrating the work of unions as well as our CSP stewards/safety reps and diversity networks. Don't wait for HeartUnions week 2022 to get involved – find out below what you can do now. We'll also post videos of some of the events you may have missed.

The CSP celebrates HeartUnions week

HeartUnions week is an annual TUC initiative that celebrates and strengthens trade unions by recognising the power of working people to effect real lasting change. 

Could you be a safety rep?

Find out more about becoming a safety rep.

During Covid-19, all the reps training has moved to distance learning, but our online courses ensure that new reps still receive the support they need to get started in the role and be effective.

For more information about our workplace reps courses, please contact Sam Kyriacou on ERUStraining@csp.org.uk

To see what digital courses are available, log in to the CSP Learning Hub.

How we celebrated HeartUnions week 2021

CSP steward Ella explains why being a member of a trade union is so important.

Alex MacKenzie, chair of Council, talks about how the CSP can support and empower members.

Watch a recording of Get Active in the CSP, an event held with @thecspstudents.

More information about the CSP in the workplace

The HeartUnions initiative is co-ordinated by the TUC nationally.

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