Heart Unions week

Heart Unions week 2023 took place from 13-19 February, and showcased the work all trade unions do and why they are vital for everyone at work. Find out how you can get involved and become more active at the CSP

There's also exciting news about our stewards' training course accreditation.  

The CSP celebrates HeartUnions week

Heart Unions week is an annual TUC initiative that celebrates and strengthens trade unions by recognising the power of working people to effect real lasting change. 

We have posted some videos of previous years' events at the bottom of this page.

Heart Unions actions that you can take year-round!

CSP member?

  • Identify who your local steward or safety rep is and say hello! 

  • Ask your physiotherapist and support worker colleagues whether they are a member of a union and encourage them to join the CSP, if not

  • Opt in to receive emails from the CSP to make sure you keep up to date with CSP campaigns and information useful to you

  • Update your employment/contact details so your CSP workplace reps and the CSP centrally can best support you

Do this and you aren't just a member, you're an activist!

CSP steward or safety rep?

  • Fill in our workplace wins survey to share an example of how you helped you members recently  

  • Email your members with a summary of positive action your CSP workplace team achieved with members support in your workplace – for example, a mini newsletter 

  • Organise a meeting with your local CSP steward/rep team to map your members and identify gaps to aid CSP member recruitment – contact your CSP organisers

  • Share a positive experience of working with staff within the CSP – for example, have you had a recent meeting with a senior negotiating officer or organiser that you found useful . Let us know by emailing jointheteam@csp.org.uk  

  • Interested in organising training? Check out this free TUC course that you can do at your own pace

Could you be a safety rep?

Find out more about becoming a safety rep.

CSP stewards and safety reps play a key role in our workplace team and we welcome new applicants. 

For more information on becoming a CSP steward or safety rep, please contact your CSP organisers at jointheteam@csp.org.uk.

Our residential steward induction training courses continue to be very popular. Once you have been elected and accredited, you'll be able to book your training, whether it's online, self-study, or in person. 

For more information about our workplace reps courses, please contact Sam Kyriacou on ERUStraining@csp.org.uk

To see what digital courses are available, log in to the CSP Learning Hub.

Stewards' online courses receive accreditation

From Heart Unions week 2023, all stewards and safety reps online induction courses are accredited by the National Open College Network (NOCN) and the Trades Union Congress (TUC). This means that they are NOCN-recognised courses and stewards and safety reps will earn credits that are part of the national qualifications framework. Both induction courses are worth six credits, which is enough to receive the TUC Award for Trade Union Health and Safety Representatives. Any steward or safety rep who starts after 13 February 2023 and completes the course will receive the credits and award.

Les Doherty, TUC Tutor Trafford College and the CSP’s NOCN internal moderator says:

The accreditation of the CSP’s online reps induction courses is testimony to the quality of learning that the stewards and safety reps receive. With an increase in online learning it is great that the CSP is committed to offering digital learning of a high standard, which will give the stewards and safety reps the skills and knowledge to be effective workplace reps. Heart Unions week celebrates the benefits and successes of trade unions, so it is a very fitting time to launch the accreditation.

More information about the CSP in the workplace

The Heart Unions initiative is coordinated by the TUC nationally.

How we celebrated previous Heart Unions weeks 

CSP steward Ella explains why being a member of a trade union is so important.

Alex MacKenzie, former Chair of CSP Council, talks about how the CSP can support and empower members.

Watch a recording of Get Active in the CSP, an event held with @thecspstudents.

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