HeartUnions week: 8–14 February 2021

HeartUnions week 2021 is now over, but we'll be back next year with another programme of exciting activities celebrating the work of unions and our CSP stewards/safety reps and diversity networks. Don't wait for HeartUnions week 2022 to get involved; find out below what you can do and we'll post links on this page to the webinars you may have missed. 

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The CSP celebrates HeartUnions week

HeartUnions week is an annual TUC initiative that celebrates and strengthens trade unions by recognising the power of working people to effect real lasting change. 

Three things you can do

Your union needs you! And you need your union! HeartUnions week gives us the opportunity to raise the profile of trade unions, recruit members and activists to make our union, the CSP, strong and effective. You can:

CSP steward Ella explains why being a member of a trade union is so important

  1. Watch Ella, CSP steward in the North West, explain why she’s in a trade union 
  2. Share this video 
  3. Consider stepping up as a steward, safety rep or workplace contact. Email jointheteam@csp.org.uk for more information. Your union needs you!

Online induction course for new safety reps

To mark HeartUnions week the CSP has launched its first ever online induction course for safety reps. The course, which starts on 8 February 2021, will be run entirely online via the CSP Learning Hub and is open to new safety reps. This follows on from the successful pilot of the online stewards induction course. This new safety reps course covers key topics such as the role of the safety rep, inspections, risk assessments and health and safety legislation.

Could you be a safety rep?

During Covid-19 all the reps training has moved to distance learning but our online courses ensure that new reps still receive the support and training to be able to get started in the role and be an effective rep.

For more information about our workplace reps courses please contact Sam Kyriacou on ERUStraining@csp.org.uk

To see what digital courses are available log in to the CSP Learning Hub.

More information about the CSP in the workplace

The HeartUnions initiative is co-ordinated by the TUC nationally.

#heartunions #heartCSP events programme, 8–12 February 2021

The CSP planned a series of member engagement events in February to celebrate HeartUnions week. Don't worry if you missed them, the links to watch the webinars will be posted below. 

Graphic of invitation to 'Get active in the CSP' webinar

Get Active in the CSP

On Wednesday 10 February at 7pm, the CSP hosted 'Get Active in the CSP', an online live event with @thecspstudents.

Students are the future of the physiotherapy workforce. Discover what CSP membership offers for your career development and how you can progress issues that matter to you by being part of a strong collective voice.

You'll also hear from new CSP workplace stewards, learn about the important role they play, how you can support them and how you can get elected yourself. 

Watch the recording of 'Get Active in the CSP'

Invitation graphic to the 'Activating equality in the workplace' webinar

Activating Equality In The Workplace

On Thursday 11 February there was a live evening event at 7–8.30pm on the theme of 'Activating Equality In The Workplace' with guest speakers including TUC Officer Quinn Roache and CSP Diversity Network Convenors. 

This event is now closed. Recording coming soon!




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