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CSP organising officers Siân Caulfield and Kevin Dale work alongside regional senior negotiating officers to support the campaigning work going on in workplaces across the whole of the UK.


Siân Caulfield
Kevin Dale

Get active

The CSP organising team is available to offer you advice and support about becoming more active, campaigning or tackling any issues that matter to you.

We can come and speak at a meeting in your workplace, for example, and help if you would like to step up as a workplace rep. 

Become a workplace rep

Being more involved with the CSP can help you to develop professionally and personally, and we would encourage all members to consider becoming a CSP steward, a safety rep or a workplace contact.

Our organising team work closely with your local steward and/or safety representative, who are there to help if your job, working conditions or physiotherapy service are at risk. 

If you need to find out who your rep is, phone CSP Enquiries on 020 7306 6666 or email

You can contact the organising team at

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