Get organised

Play your part in protecting the future of physiotherapy.


CSP organising officers, Siân Caulfield and Kevin Dale, work alongside regional senior negotiating officers to support the campaigning work going on in workplaces across the whole of the UK.

We can help you organise workplace meetings to talk about your professional ambitions and support a team of members to organise around workplace issues.

Organising involves simple steps such as carrying out surveys of members' views, building a case to make an improvement in your workplace, and promoting it by creating messages and posters to engage colleagues in your efforts.

If you are interested in an organiser coming to speak at a meeting, or to find out more about getting organised, email Siân and Kevin:


Kevin talks about becoming a CSP contact

CSP workplace reps help thousands of members every year, supporting physiotherapy staff, representing their interests, and amplifying their voice at work.

We want you to be a part of the CSP trade union team. There are two kinds of trade union rep in the CSP, stewards and health and safety reps.

We have now introduced the CSP workplace contact role to support the steward and health and safety rep.

If you're prepared to get active but don't feel ready to commit to being a rep, you can be a workplace contact: a vital link between the CSP, stewards and other members.

To find out more about the role, email Siân or Kevin:

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