Organising and campaigning on workplace issues

CSP organising officers  Alice Spilsbury and Iain Croker work alongside regional senior negotiating officers to support member-led organising, action and campaigns going on in workplaces across the whole of the UK.

The organising team: Iain Croker and Alice Spilsbury
Iain Croker and Alice Spilsbury

Meet the team

Our organising team works closely with your local steward and/or safety representative, who are there to help if your job, working conditions or physiotherapy service are at risk.

Iain covers the South – London, the South West, the South East and East of England and temporarily part of Scotland 

Contact Iain on

Alice covers the Midlands and Wales and temporarily part of northern England 

Contact Alice on


For the latest NHS pay campaign news please see 

NHS PAY - What You Can Do 

On Friday 1 April, NHS staffsides will hold workplace events across the country to tell politicians it’s time to #GetSerious on NHS pay. 

Members and the public can also get involved during the pay campaign.  See here for more info.

Please let us know what you get up to on Friday (and afterwards) on social media, using #GetSerious and #CSP4FairPay and encourage colleagues, friends and family to tweet and share your posts and images. 

Organising a pay demonstration?

Download our media brief

Top tips to get started with organising

  • Remember, your senior negotiating officer and the organising team are here to help.
  • Start training today with the eBites for stewards and safety reps in our virtual learning environment
  • Introduce yourself and stay in touch with members using the reps email facility
  • Set up a WhatsApp group for your stewards/safety reps
  • Print free, personalised posters and flyers with the CSP Print on Demand service
  • Get advice on how to recruit stewards and safety reps in our recruitment hub
  • Find out more in our resources for stewards
  • And don’t forget to tell us about your workplace wins, however small.

Get active

The CSP organising team is available to offer you advice and support about becoming more active, campaigning or tackling any issues that matter to you. You can contact the organising team at or directly (see above for email address).

We can come and speak at a staff meeting in your workplace, for example, and help if you would like to step up as a workplace rep.

If you need to find out who your CSP rep is, phone CSP Enquiries on 020 7306 6666 or email

Become a workplace rep

Being more involved with the CSP can help you to develop professionally and personally, and we would encourage all members to consider becoming a CSP steward, a safety rep or a workplace contact.

Does your workplace need a CSP steward or safety rep? Let us know.


Loss of physio or rehab practice space

Have you lost any physiotherapy or rehabilitation practice space? Is this a barrier to vital physiotherapy services restarting?

We've developed a simple intervention letter, sensitive to the context, to make sure CSP members are properly consulted before any temporary or permanent changes of space are made.

CSP organisers visit Swansea Morriston Hospital

CSP Organiser Team recently attended Swansea Bay University Health board to meet their Steward network to discuss workplace issues

The CSP organising team recently attended Swansea Bay University Health Board to meet their steward network to discuss workplace issues such as loss of department space and rehabilitation space, restructuring and moving towards 7 day.

Stewards requested support from the organising team to learn strategies and tactics they could use to get members more engaged in the consultation processes, allowing them to develop collective action from members to ensure that any changes were completed with meaningful consultation.

The CSP organisers ran a 90-minute workshop on organising tactics and workplace campaigning covering:

  • Framing the issue – campaign wording
  • List building – mapping all members
  • Initial reaching out – emails, posters, WhatsApp, member meetings.
  • Mobilising allies – staff, community, councillors, community workers
  • Organising ladders – meetings, petitions, poster delivery to managers, MS letter campaign, media, local patient campaign, staff side demonstrations.

Alice Mayo CSP steward:

I really enjoyed our organiser meeting. It was my first opportunity to meet CSP staff since I became a rep last year. They gave us some great ideas that we have already put into action to engage members with workplace issues.

Swansea CSP stewards have since used their skills to launch a campaign to get CSP members engaged with the changes that are happening and have so far had great success at showing the powers of collective action.

Have you got workplace issues you’d like assistance with? A vacant position for CSP stewards/safety reps? Contact the organisers and they would be happy to come and meet you and your members in your workplace.

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