Organising and campaigning on workplace issues

CSP organisers work alongside regional senior negotiating officers to support member-led organising, action and campaigns going on in workplaces across the whole of the UK

Have you got workplace issues you’d like assistance with? A vacant position for CSP stewards/safety reps? Contact the organisers and they would be happy to come and meet you and your members in your workplace.

What is a union? What do CSP reps do? What is Staff Side?  

Josh Meadows, Regional Steward and Rep of the Year 2022, answers these questions in a short film courtesy of Northamptonshire NHS Trust.

Arrangements vary slightly from trust to health board but this will give you a broad outline of the work done by our stewards and safety reps. 

Organising clinics

Our popular organising clinics cover key information about the CSP's workplace priorities and are open to stewards, safety reps, equality reps.

Our next organising clinic is on 16 November, 12-1pm, and is about using the NHS Staff Survey and national equivalents for workplace organising.

The session will be relevant to all CSP representatives and activists.  While the focus is on the NHS England Staff Survey, the discussion on using data to identify and organise around issues in the workplace will have broader relevance.

Top tips to get started with organising

  • Remember, your senior negotiating officer and the organising team are here to help.
  • Start training today with the eBites for stewards and safety reps in our virtual learning environment.
  • Introduce yourself and stay in touch with members using the reps email facility.
  • Set up a WhatsApp group for your stewards/safety reps.
  • Print free, personalised posters and flyers with the CSP Print on Demand service.
  • Get advice on how to recruit stewards and safety reps in our recruitment hub.
  • Find out more in our resources for stewards.
  • And don’t forget to tell us about your workplace wins, however small.

Organising a campaign or demonstration?

Let us know! Download our media brief

    Get active

    The CSP organising team is available to offer you advice and support about becoming more active, campaigning or tackling any issues that matter to you. You can contact the organising team at or directly (see above for email address).

    We can come and speak at a staff meeting in your workplace, for example, and help if you would like to step up as a workplace rep.

    Become a workplace rep

    Being more involved with the CSP can help you to develop professionally and personally, and we would encourage all members to consider becoming a CSP steward, safety rep or equality rep

    Does your workplace need a CSP steward, safety rep or equality rep? Email us to let us know

    In this short video CSP organiser Alice Spilsbury talks about the three rep roles – steward, safety rep and equality rep:

    Loss of physiotherapy or rehab space

    Have you lost any physiotherapy or rehabilitation practice space? Is this a barrier to vital physiotherapy services restarting?

    We have developed resources to help you ensure that the correct process is followed, and that there is a mechanism to challenge the changes through a risk assessment and meaningful consultation. Download and personalise our template letter, which you can use to raise the issue directly with your trust or health board's chief executive.

    CSP stewards and safety reps – please read and use the resources, and inform your senior negotiating officer.

    Members – please inform your CSP steward or safety rep. If you can't get in touch with them, let us know by contacting our enquiries team.

    See our pages on protecting your aquatic physiotherapy service to download template letters and influence to retain this valuable resource. 

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