Media brief for local CSP pay demonstrations

If you're planning to take part in local CSP pay demonstrations, use this resource to make sure the demo can be shared effectively in the media and on social media.

CSP members at Sussex NHS pay demo
CSP members demonstrating for fair pay for NHS staff

Before the day of the demo

  1. Nominate a CSP rep or CSP member who is attending the demo to be responsible for media.
  2. Print out CSP for Fair Pay leaflets.
  3. Find CSP large banners / flags. If you don’t have any, contact your CSP organiser and we will send them to you.
  4. Choose a suitable device (a smartphone is fine) for taking still photos, recording short video clips, accessing social media accounts. Make sure devices are fully charged and that you have WiFi or mobile internet access.
  5. Let your CSP organiser know if the demo is likely to attract any local, regional or national press. If you personally know any local, regional or national reporters or journalists who could attend, invite them along. If there is likely to be local, regional or national press interest, your CSP organisers and CSP comms staff will help you prepare a press release.
  6. Identify suitable CSP members who you think would be good at speaking on a short video clip – these individuals are media spokespeople. Be aware that as the public face of the CSP members on video slips should not identify their employers (verbally or on their clothes). 
    Media spokespeople should reflect the diversity of the physiotherapy workforce, so please do encourage women, people of colour, disabled and associate members/support workers to do media. Ideally, these individuals will have completed CSP Media Training.

On the day of the demo

Take photos

Be sure to take as many still photos as you can of the demo. Try not to identify your employer in these photos. Make sure that people in the photos have given their consent for these photos to be used for CSP pay campaign publicity.

Tips for taking good photos

  • Get everyone to look at the camera and wear masks.
  • Check posters and flyers are visible.
  • Check lighting conditions. 
  • Take a number of shots from four different angles.

Take video footage

Film a short video clip of the physio workforce participating in the demo. Here's a good example of a video taken at the local demo at East Surrey:

This is professionally filmed so don’t worry about getting it perfect! Taking a video on your phone is fine. 

Tips for getting good video footage

The basics:

  • Film in landscape orientation (the phone held sideways). 
  • Hold the camera steady and get the spokesperson’s head and shoulders in the shot. 
  • Don’t zoom in/out or move the camera around – keep the camera in one place.

Make sure that you:

  • tell your employer about the demo and that you are taking part
  • remove any personal identification (e.g. name badge or security pass)
  • don’t include other staff or patients in shot
  • ensure no patient information is in shot (e.g. records on your desk or computer screen)
  • film the spokesperson with the sun shining on to them (not behind them) so their face is not in shadow
  • film somewhere without too much background noise.

Spokespeople should say:

  • who they are (their first name is fine)
  • what their job is
  • what’s going on (they should put the demo in a context) 
  • why is the demo is happening now
  • why they decided to be here today.

Ideally, spokespeople will have three reasons for coming to the demo:

  1. Something personal (e.g. the work they’ve been doing / the pandemic).
  2. A local reason (e.g. the NHS in the local area).
  3. A big macro issue (e.g. public sector pay, austerity or government policy).

This personal footage is not likely to be edited or subtitled by the CSP, unless you have personal capacity to edit video. It should be under 120 seconds (for Twitter). Please remind everyone in the video clips to wear a mask. They should speak slowly, loudly and clearly to mitigate the masks.

As soon as possible after the demo (ideally the same day)

  1. Post your stills and videos up on social media. Use the hashtags #CSP4FairPay, #WithNHSStaff and #GetSerious. Tag colleagues, fellow trade unions, friends, family and @theCSP
  2. Upload your pictures and videos to our Google Drive folder (CSP staff access).
  3. Send your stills and videos to your CSP organiser, and we will also get these up on social media and the CSP website.

If you need help or support, please contact the CSP organisers.

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