Become a safety rep

Become a safety rep and represent CSP members on all matters relating to their health and safety at work.

Above: Alice Clevely talks about how CSP regional safety reps can help new safety reps in their role.

Safety reps perform their role in every type of working environment: most obviously, across the entire health sector but also within universities, industry, non-profit organisations, the Ministry of Defence and many other workplaces besides.

Depending on the size and nature of your workplace you may have one or several safety reps. For example, 40 members in a large acute trust with one site may be represented by a single safety rep. Conversely, the same number of members in a community trust with nine sites may need three or four. The CSP is happy to accredit and train as many safety reps as necessary.

CSP safety reps are a key part of the society as a trade union. Safety reps and CSP stewards, supported by staff from Employment Relations & Union Services (ERUS), strive to improve working conditions for all CSP members, both locally and nationally.

Get started as a new safety rep

Use the following checklist if you are a newly-elected CSP safety rep:

  • complete your CSP accreditation: make sure you are logged in to access guidance further down this page
  • check with your personnel or human resources (HR) department that they have been informed of your accreditation
  • arrange a handover of any relevant documents from the previous safety rep. The previous safety rep will also be the best source of information on any local issues, so don't be afraid to ask for advice/information on any current issues
  • check that you have the dates of any meetings you'll be attending
  • check the dates of your safety reps' induction course when it is sent out to you.   Please confirm your course placement as requested.
  • make sure you have the contact details for your regional safety rep/s and CSP senior negotiating officer. Make contact with them to introduce yourself
  • after your accreditation check out the safety reps' networks on interactiveCSP assigned to you.
  • make sure you  received dates for regional training days. (This info should be on your iCSP regional rep network)
  • map your workplace: find out which colleagues are CSP members and which are not. As a CSP safety rep you can only represent paid-up members. If there are physios or assistants in your workplace who aren't yet members of the society (or members of another union), try and recruit them
  • make sure you tell all your members that you are now their safety rep.

Once accredited as a safety rep you have a legal right to time off from work to carry out your role and to attend training: find out more. Please make sure you check that ERUS has received and actioned your form, and that your management has been informed of your new status as a rep.

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