Loss of physiotherapy or rehab space

Is your service being impacted by loss of physiotherapy space or proposed workplace changes? For example, this may include the closure or repurposing of your gym or admin space.

In a survey of nearly 500 CSP members in May 2023, 96 per cent of respondents said the situation around access to rehabilitation space had stayed the same or become worse in the past six months.

These resources will help you challenge any loss of space decisions being made in your workplace and ensure the correct process is followed. Use our template letters to raise the issue with your trust or board's chief executive, and to inform your elected representative of the challenges you are facing.

The CSP has a team working in your area who can support you.

Your rights and how to make your case

Your services should not be displaced to the detriment of service users and colleagues, so find out how to take action.

Take action now
CSP opposes closure of rehab gym spaces amid Covid-19

Use data to back up your case

If rehab space is under threat or has been removed, use data to show valuable it is for patients and how cost effective it is for the service.

Find out how to deploy data
Two physios hold equipment in hospital rehab space

Write to your CEO/senior management

If you're a steward, you can personalise our template letter and send it to your CEO or senior management to make sure CSP members are properly consulted before any changes are made.

Download the letter
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Write to your elected representative

Use our template letters to ask your local elected representative to make representations on your behalf about loss of space to your hospital leadership team.

Download the letter
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Organising clinic

Watch our organising clinic on loss of space and find out what you can do to ensure a suitable space for your team and your service users.

Watch the organising clinic on loss of space

Loss of space case studies

Find out how CSP members have organised to campaign against loss of physiotherapy or rehabilitation space.

Read the case studies
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Protect your aquatic physiotherapy service

Hydrotherapy pool closures are becoming more common. Read our advice and download template letters to campaign for your aquatic physiotherapy service.

Campaign for aquatic physiotherapy
How aquatic physiotherapy helps cerebral palsy patient Dominic