CSP equality reps

CSP equality reps work with their steward and safety rep as part of the workplace team to raise awareness and organise around equality issues in the workplace.

Workplaces are safer, provide better care and are more inclusive and diverse when staff are engaged in local decisions and feel supported to speak up when things are not right, so it's your chance to make a real difference.

Find out more the role of the equality reps, and our pilot scheme to introduce them, on on this page. 

Physiotherapist Declan Nwachukwu talks about why he became an equality rep

Panellists at the fringe event about equality reps at ARC 2023

Highlighting the work of equality reps

Over 30 delegates attended a fringe event about the equality rep programme at the CSP’s Annual Representative Conference

The event highlighted the role of equality reps, some of the key work undertaken so far and the plans to expand the pilot, increasing the number of equality reps from nine to 36 across the UK. Panellist Jill Taylor said: 'The physiotherapy profession is changing, with more members from diverse backgrounds. Our stewards, safety reps and equality reps are reflecting that evolution.'

      What does the role involve?

      As part of the workplace team, equality reps will be on hand to provide advice relating to equality. Our equality reps are involved in a range of work within their NHS trusts and health boards, including: 

      • Working with CSP stewards and safety reps on updating workplace policies
      • Supporting members facing discrimination at work by signposting them to the local CSP steward and CSP resources
      • Developing strategies with other local CSP reps to advance equity, diversity and belonging (EDB) in your workplace
      • Engaging with your employer, staff EDB networks and other local staff-side unions to progress EDB in your workplace
      • Keeping CSP members informed and engaged around workplace developments relating to EDB
      • Receiving national and regional training for which you are entitled to paid time off, just like stewards and safety reps

      Jill Taylor is a north east England regional steward among other roles. Listen to how she envisages how equality reps and stewards/safety reps will organise together around equality issues.

      Top tips to get started with the role

      • Remember, your senior negotiating officer and the project team are here to help csp.org.uk/equalityreps
      • Start training today with the induction eBite for equality reps in our virtual learning environment (you must be accredited to start the training)
      • Introduce yourself to your workplace steward, health and safety reps and members
      • Ask your steward and/or health and safety rep if there is a WhatsApp group that you can join
      • Print free, personalised posters and flyers with the CSP Print on Demand service
      • And don’t forget to tell us about your workplace wins, however small

      The pilot scheme

      The CSP launched the role as a pilot in May 2021 and following an interim evaluation demonstrating the positive impact for members, the CSP is now extending the scale of the pilot from eight to over 50 equality reps. We aim to have equality reps in all regions in the UK countries. The pilot will be evaluated in summer 2024. You can read more about the pilot in this briefing paper sent to stewards July 2023. This briefing also contains a full list of the new equality reps.

      Equality reps – alternative roles 

      The deadline has passed for the second intake of equality reps and we currently are not recruiting. In the meantime why not organise around equality issues by becoming a steward or safety rep or joining one of the CSP's diversity networks?

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