Stand #WithNHSStaff for fair pay

With NHS staff nearing the end of a three-year pay deal, the CSP stands #WithNHSStaff and the health unions for a early and significant pay rise

Poster for WithNHSStaff campaign for a fair pay rise

Physiotherapists, support workers and all NHS staff deserve a fair and early pay rise for 2021/22

Claire Sullivan, CSP director of employment relations and union services

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The CSP stands #WithNHSStaff for fair pay

The 14 unions covered by Agenda for Change are working together for a significant pay rise for NHS staff, that is delivered early and fully funded.

This is crucial to recognise the loss in pay that has come from a decade of austerity, and the value of NHS staff that has been so clearly demonstrated during the pandemic. With recruitment and retention a key government target, fair pay is needed to ensure the NHS is sustainable into the future.

To get this message to politicians, we are asking members to show that we are all #WithNHSStaff:

  • Write to your MP and other elected representatives
  • Download a poster and display at work or home
  • Share your support on social media
  • Let other members, your friends, and family know about the campaign

The #WithNHSStaff webpage has all the information you'll need, including support and guidance for writing to your elected representatives. 

CSP Pay Review Body evidence

Alongside our joint union campaign, the CSP has already begun the process of gathering and analysing our members' views on pay to enable us to submit specific evidence to the Pay Review Body, when the government gives it a remit to make recommendations on NHS pay rates for 2021/22.

NHS pay is normally set through the Pay Review Body (PRB) process.  After taking evidence, the PRB makes recommendations to government ministers who decide whether to accept them and what pay awards should be implemented.  This year, we are expecting NHS staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to be covered by a PRB process.

The main opportunity to get involved in our evidence to the Pay Review Body was a survey sent out to NHS-employed members between October and November 2020.  To supplement the survey, a series of online, focus group-style pay meetings were also ran throughout the UK in October/November 2020.  Our evidence to the PRB will be shared here when finalised.

Pay in Scotland

The Scottish government has made an announcement in November 2020 that all health and social care staff will receive a pro-rata £500 one-off payment for this year.  This will be in addition to a  pay rise for next year which will be determined through negotiations rather than a PRB process.  However, it is crucial that members in Scotland continue to support the campaign for a significant and early rise, as fair rates of basic pay, rather than one-off bonuses, are crucial to address sustainability in the long term.   

The survey sent to CSP members in Scotland will help to provide evidence for the CSP during the negotiation process which will involve the Scottish government, employers and the health unions, including the CSP.

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