Stand #WithNHSStaff for fair pay

The CSP stands #WithNHSStaff and the health unions for an early and significant pay rise.  

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NHS pay update

The 14 unions covered by Agenda for Change are working together for a significant pay rise for NHS staff.

NHS staff are reeling from the Government’s insulting suggestion of a mere 1% pay rise (see below) – a real-terms cut for people who put their lives on the line for us.

A decent deal for NHS staff is fair, necessary and affordable – costing a fraction of the Test and Trace budget.

This is far from a done deal – if we stand #WithNHSStaff, we can tell the Government to think again.

Moving forward nothing is ruled out in terms of response, up to and including industrial action.  At all stages our response will be led by our members and what steps members want to take and feel able to take.

How NHS Pay is decided

NHS pay is usually set through the Pay Review Body (PRB) process. The PRB will review information and evidence from health unions, the government and NHS employers before making recommendations to government ministers who decide whether to accept them. This year, NHS staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be covered by this PRB process (for Scotland, see below).

A significant pay rise is crucial to recognise the loss in pay that has come from a decade of austerity, and the value of NHS staff that has been so clearly demonstrated during the pandemic. With recruitment and retention a key government target, fair pay is needed to ensure the NHS is sustainable into the future. 

The 1% pay increase suggested by the government (week of 1 March) is not a pay award/final decision; it is the proposal that the Department of Health and Social Care has submitted in their evidence to the Pay Review Body (PRB) in their very late submission to the PRB. 

The CSP has submitted evidence in support of a much more substantial pay rise.

We also contributed to joint union evidence together with all 14 health unions.

The NHS PRB will now consider all the evidence, including conducting ‘oral evidence’ sessions with all parties to supplement the written submissions. We expect the PRB to announce its recommendations to government in May and that shortly after this the government will announce the award for England.  In Wales, the Health Minister has already committed to honouring the PRB's recommendations

Between now and then we, alongside all the other health unions, will continue our campaign for a rise significantly higher than 1%. We will also call on the PRB to listen to all the evidence, including our own, and to exercise its independence from government in making its recommendation.

NHS Pay in Scotland

In 2021/22, the Scottish government is not puting evidence into the PRB process.  Pay will instead be agreed between the government and NHS trade unions.

Following an intense period of negotiations between health unions and the Scottish government a one-year pay offer has been that will now be put to members for their final say. 

Further information about Scotland's 2021/22 pay offer, and implementation of the 2018-2021 agreement can be found below.

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