NHS mileage rates

The CSP, continues to call for a review of current mileage rates.  The following information outlines the current system.

Setting off for work in your car

Who can claim mileage?

The NHS mileage allowance is available to physiotherapy staff on Agenda for Change contracts, or those with Agenda for Change mileage allowances built into their contracts. If that is you, you can claim for all work-related travel, except your commute between home and work.

What are the rates of mileage?

NHS mileage rates are detailed in Section 17 of Agenda for Change. You can visit the NHS Employers website for more information on the NHS mileage allowance for England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. And see the Health in Wales website for Wales.

There are a few NHS Trusts that have their own local mileage rates that were in place before the national agreement was reached.   We have also agreed a joint statement through the NHS Staff Council encouraging local employers to work with their local staff sides in partnership to look at temporary arrangements to support staff struggling with fuel increases.


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