Updating your membership profile details

The CSP is currently asking all members to update their member profile information, and in particular the employer and workplace information and contact details, including full postal address. 

It is always useful for us to understand where all our members work, but the reason we are asking you to do this now, and keep it up to date, is we need to be able to contact our members employed in the NHS about pay. This is something that occurs most years and across all four countries.

During any process of consultation we need to update our records and be prepared in case we need to hold a lawful industrial action ballot. If so we must have employer and workplace details that are close to 100% accurate, as well as the correct email and postal addresses.

Why is my profile information important?

The legal requirements around industrial action ballots are extremely strict and require us to know how many members work for an employer and how many are based at each workplace. We do not need to identify names but we have to inform each employer individually of these numbers before we can go ahead with a ballot.

I didn’t receive an email?

It is helpful to check your junk email first but if you cannot find the email it may be we currently hold the wrong contact details for you.  Please access your profile information and check your postal address, email and telephone contact details as well as your employer and workplace details, and make any necessary amendments.

I don’t work for the NHS do I need to update my profile?

It is always helpful for the CSP to have an understanding of where members are based and where they work, so we would strongly encourage all members to update their profiles whenever anything changes. This means we can contact members appropriately.

I cannot find my workplace listed against my employer. How do I fill this in?

We must have a principal workplace against the name of each member to meet legal requirements. If your workplace does not show as an option please delete the text and type in 'Other' and then select this option and add the name of your workplace manually in the text field that displays.

We can then update our system to add your workplace for the future.

I have no fixed base (workplace) as I am on rotation and change my base frequently?

Please enter the workplace you are currently working from and then remember to change it at every rotation.

I am permanently based at 2 or more sites. Which workplace should I enter?

Please put your main workplace down; this could be because you spend the majority of time there, or you identify with it more closely as your main base.

I work in the community and have no fixed workplace. What should I put for my workplace?

Although it is not always straightforward to identify a “primary” workplace in this situation, usually there will be one workplace which you most closely identify as being your primary workplace, for example where you go for staff meetings and meetings with your manager. If this is the case, this is the workplace that should be entered.

I am mostly home-based. What should I put as my workplace?

There will usually be one workplace you visit for meetings, or to see your manager, that can be entered as your workplace.  If you do not go to any workplace you should enter the place most closely associated with your role. 

I am on a short-term/fixed term contract. How do I update my profile?

Please do update your profile to reflect your current employer and workplace, and then if/when you move on please remember to update again at that stage.

I have more than one employer. Should I record them both?

You will need to enter details for both of your employers on our system, including the workplace for each employer. 

I work on a zero hours/bank contract with an NHS employer. Should I still mark them as my employer?

As long as you have an employment contract you should enter the details on your profile, even if you only work weekends.

I am currently on long term leave e.g. sick leave/maternity leave etc? How should I fill in my details?

Please still ensure your employer and workplace are updated with your normal place of work prior to going on leave.

Please do remember to update your profile information when anything changes.

If you remain unsure how to fill in some of your details please contact our enquiries team on 0207 306 6666 or email at enquiries@csp.org.uk

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