Pensions are an important part of any employee's compensation package, so make sure you are on top of your own situation. 

The CSP does not currently offer guidance to members about pensions but there are a number of online resources offering free and independent advice.

New: CSP NHS pension briefing

This short briefing has been produced in response to a motion to the CSP’s Annual Representative Conference 2018.

It summarises some key points about the NHS pension schemes and directs members to the relevant sections of the NHS business services authority pages on the NHS pension scheme. It also highlights where information can be found to answer frequently asked questions about the NHS pension scheme.

Find out more about pensions

Fot those working within the NHS, the NHS Employers website has a dedicated pensions section: It is also worth visiting the NHS Business Services Authority website which has both member and employer hubs:

The government's Pension Wise website offers free and impartial guidance about your defined contribution pension options, as does the Pensions Advisory Service. The TUC's WorkSmart website also has a useful section on pensions.

Lastly, a quick ward of warning: always make sure you stick to trusted sources when finding out more about your pension due to fraud risk.

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