NHS pay agreement for Scotland

Find out about the three-year pay arrangements for NHS staff in Scotland, which is now in Year 3.


How is my pay changing?

To check your pay for year 3 it is best to use the Scottish Government pay circular.

Refer to the pay circular on the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates website

You will find in Annex A a table which sets out the pay rates over the three years from 2018.

Take care reading the table, particularly if you are not yet at the top of your band.Under transitional arrangements (paragraph 7 to 14 of the circular), staff will move right on to their new pay rate on 1 April 2019 and down onto the next square of the matrix on their incremental date. However, movement down on the matrix will not lead to a further increase in pay where a point is being deleted as part of the agreed restructuring of the Agenda for Change pay system. Where this is the case, staff receive their entire yearly uplift on 1 April, in effect receiving their incremental progression early.

If after using the table you are unsure of your pay, please contact your employer for assistance in the first instance.

Additional key points for pay in 2020

Promotion during the three year period

For members who are promoted during the three years, you should ensure you are offered a starting salary on the higher pay above your current salary.This may mean you do not start on the bottom point.

Changes to earnings

Changes to earnings can result in changes to tax, National Insurance, pension contributions, student loan repayments and eligibility for tax credits and benefits. As members will be aware, these are features of any increase in earnings if you reach specific thresholds.

Distant Islands Allowance

The Scottish government has also uplifted the distant islands allowance. See the circular on the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates website.


    Members should contact their employer if they have any queries about their pay packets. If problems persist, please get in touch with your local steward.

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