NHS pay offer for Scotland 2023/24

CSP members working in the NHS in Scotland have accepted the Scottish government’s pay offer

CSP members campaigning about pay at the Annual Representative Conference

The Scottish government entered into talks for the 2023/24 pay award early in the new year and we consulted our members on the offer. 

All unions accepted the pay offer and the Scottish Government will now move to implementation  

There are three elements in this pay offer:

  1. A percentage pay increase.  For most staff this will be 6.5% but for those at the top of band 8a and above there is a cap of £3,755 and a minimum payment of £1,548 for the lowest two pay points  
  2. An additional one-off payment which is equivalent to three calendar months value of the difference between the 2022/23 pay rate and the new pay rate.  This will be pro rata and will be non-consolidated  
  3. Commitments to modernise Agenda for Change to support workforce recruitment, sustainability and retention.

November 2023 update

The groups looking at the modernisation of agenda for change have concluded and papers are now with the minister for consideration.  We will update members when the minister has approved the plans.  

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