NHS pay in Wales 2024/25

The latest on the status of NHS pay in Wales

What is happening with pay for 2024/25?

The Welsh Government has committed to a Pay Review Body process to determine the steps for the Wales 2024/25 pay process.

Any resultant pay award would again be put to members, with CSP reserving the right to escalate to a pay dispute if the pay award is not acceptable.

In addition, as part of the pay deal for 2023/24, a commitment was made by Welsh government to work in social partnership on a number of non-pay elements.  These include, but are not limited to commitments to:

  • the principle of pay restoration to 2008 levels
  • discuss the pay award in Wales if consequential funding comes to Wales from the UK Government
  • reinstate unsocial hours allowance after 1 week of sickness absence
  • implement an all-Wales policy on Flexible Working, with the default position of acceptance
  • explore a reduction of the working week for Agenda for Change staff with the aim of moving to a 36 hour working week without loss of earnings
  • ensure employers enable time off for CPD

These continue to be progressed. A new All Wales Flexible Working policy, which puts acceptance as the default position, has been agreed and issued, the flexible retirement policy will be issued this February and a new CPD strategy has been developed.

Work continues on the other elements and should be delivered by the end of March.

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