NHS pay: Wales

While NHS funding is set by the central UK government, Wales as a devolved nation retains responsibility for delivery of healthcare including NHS pay. The CSP stands #WithNHSStaff and continues to campaign and lobby in devolved nations to achieve fair pay for NHS Staff.

Poster for WithNHSStaff campaign for a fair pay rise

In March 2021, the three-year pay deal agreed in 2018 comes to an end. This means the transition to new pay scales will be complete.

Some individuals in bands 8 and 9 may have received a consolidated payment in year 3 and, as a result, are in between the final pay points. It has been confirmed that the consolidated payments will continue in 2021 and will be reviewed after the 2021-22 pay outcome is confirmed. As a minimum, the intention is that no individual will experience a reduction in pay.

Pay review process

As a devolved nation of the UK, the Welsh Government has responsibility for healthcare in Wales. However, funding for the NHS is dependent on the settlement that arrives from the central UK government via the Barnett formula. Once the Pay Review Body has made its recommendation, UK ministers will decide whether this will be implemented or not. Once ministers decide on the settlement, the equivalent amount will come to Wales.

Members of the Senedd will then decide whether to implement the same award as in England or whether they will negotiate a different settlement in Wales. Prior to the election period, the Welsh health minister committed to implementing the Pay Review Body recommendation. The minister also wrote to the Pay Review Body stating that the Welsh Government did not support the 1 per cent pay cap that UK government included in their evidence to the Pay Review Body and would instead prefer a truly independent and fair recommendation for NHS pay.

Other News

In March 2021, Wales’ minister for health and social care announced a non-consolidated bonus payment of £500 after tax for all NHS and social care staff paid on a non-pro-rata basis.

Further details and FAQs on the payment can be found on the NHS Wales Confed site.

Members should contact their employer if they have any queries about their pay packets. If problems persist, members should get in touch with their local steward.

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