Social media guidance for CSP members

How you can embrace social media in a productive, safe and professional manner

This version of the guide is an update to the 2014 original, to reflect changes in the popularity of social media networks most commonly used by members in their work and studies.

What is social media?

Social media is the collective title for online communities like X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and Facebook, in which people come together to share information, ideas and opinions. 

It is aimed mainly at those who are new to social media or looking to develop their activity, but it also provides guidance on professional issues that may be useful for those who are more established.

The fast-moving nature of social media means that this guide cannot hope to provide the latest advice at any moment. Readers are encouraged to use the references at the end of the guide to confirm advice and instructions if in any doubt about currency. 

The main social networks use different terms for similar concepts.  This guide uses them interchangeably in places, so check the glossary at  the end of the guide to make sure you understand what the terms mean.

Download the guide to find out more.