Social media checklist 

We hope the information in our social media guide has given you  a helpful overview of social media. Feel free to revisit any section at any time.

Before you get started,  it would be a good idea to run through the following checklist: 

  • I know my employer’s policy on social media and messaging 
  •  I have considered how to present my professional profile on social media 
  • I have a set of rules around ethics and professionalism that I will follow 
  • I have considered how to protect my privacy 
  • I have a policy on acceptable comments (if publishing a page, e.g. Facebook) 
  • I know what I want to achieve by being on social media 
  • I know who I’m trying to connect with 
  • I know which network(s) or messaging platforms I’m going to use 
  • I know how I’m going to measure the effectiveness of my activity 
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