Fitness for work

Registered physiotherapists are now legally able to certify fit notes across the UK.  The Allied Health Professions Health and Work Report remains available and is a nationally recognised tool for AHPS to advise employees on their fitness for work

Fit notes

Legislation has been amended to allow physiotherapists to legally certify fit notes to patients. Previously only doctors were able to do this. 

This change also allows occupational therapists, nurses and pharmacists to certify fit notes to their patients across the UK.

New guidance on fit notes
Physiotherapist consulting with patient about her back pain

The AHP Health and Work Report

The report helps you to provide information on the functional impact of a patient’s reported problem and to suggest options that may support the patient to remain in, or return to, work. 

It will advise your patient, their employer and GP (subject to the patient’s consent) on the issues reported by the patient as causing difficulty, and should focus on specific work-related difficulties.

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Report and form

Download the report and form but don't forget to read the guidance on completion first.

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Questions and answers

These questions and answers help to explain the report.

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Fitness for work paper

This resource is relevant to all physiotherapy staff whose patients, service users and clients include people of working age.

It is designed to support physiotherapy staff working in all sectors to understand both their responsibilities and opportunities in considering work as a health outcome for working-age adults.

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Patients will be able to book appointments with physiotherapists at their local GP practice

Physiotherapy Works for Fitness for Work

Referral to physiotherapy can help people to work.

For those already in work, physiotherapists can help to prevent sickness absence in the first place, and facilitate sustainable return to work following sickness absence.

For those not working, physiotherapy can enable individuals to take opportunities to work. Early access to physiotherapy benefits individuals, workplaces and the economy.

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How you can stay fit for work