Quality Assurance Standards for physiotherapy service delivery

The CSP’s Quality Assurance (QA) Standards enable you to deliver safe and effective care and services.

They apply to all CSP members, including associates and students.

By following the standards you will be able to promote, assure and demonstrate quality in both your clinical practice and your service delivery.

The standards can also be used by anyone using a physiotherapy service to assess the quality of its services and care.

If you observe the QA Standards you will meet the requirements of both the CSP Code of Professional Values and Behaviour, and the Health and Care Professions Council.

The QA Standards are divided into ten sections:

  1. Autonomy and accountability
  2. Delivering a safe and effective service
  3. Learning and development
  4. Working in partnership
  5. Consent
  6. Record keeping and information governance
  7. Communication
  8. Physiotherapy management and treatment
  9. Evaluation of clinical care and services
  10. Promoting, marketing and advertising physiotherapy services and products

We welcome feedback on any aspect of the Quality Assurance Standards.

You can download the QA Standards in full or in summary below.