Medicines, prescribing and injection therapy

Medicine use, prescribing and injection therapy are within the scope of the UK physiotherapy profession.


All physiotherapists can give medicines advice to their patients. This is an expectation of reasonable physiotherapy practice for many conditions.

They can also supply and administer medicines to patients under either a Patient Specific Direction, or a Patient Group Direction.

Medicine use
Colourful drug tablets shown in blister packets


Physiotherapists who have additional prescribing annotations to their HCPC registration may prescribe all licensed medicines - including seven controlled drugs - which are within the scope of physiotherapy prescribing practice.

Prescribing for physiotherapists
Practice guidance for physiotherapist supplementary and/or independent prescribers

Defining physiotherapist prescribing

A guidance note explaining the scope and extent of the CSP's definition of physiotherapist independent prescribing. 

Read the guidance
Physios will gain right to prescribe controlled medicines

Injection therapy

Injection therapy is the administration of medicines, and other selected products, to intra- and extra-articular tissues and joint spaces by invasive injection.

Injection therapy also includes aspiration of joint spaces.

Injection therapy in physiotherapy
an injection syringe

Platelet-rich plasma injections

Find out about the eligibility of physiotherapists to administer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections within a  legal and regulatory framework

Platelet-rich plasma injections
A healthcare professional administering a PRP injection to a patient's knee