HCPC re-registration

HCPC registrants must re-register every two years. For physiotherapy, the next re-registration process will take place between 1 February 2024 and 30 April 2024 . The renewal process is clearly outlined on the HCPC website and can be completed online.

HCPC registration

The Health and Care Professions Council regulate 15 health and care professions in the UK including physiotherapy. Their aim is to protect the public by:

  • Setting standards for professionals' education and training and practice
  • Approving programmes which professionals must complete to register with HCPC
  • Keeping a register of professionals, who meet HCPC standards
  • Taking action if professionals on our Register do not meet HCPC standards

You will be asked to confirm that you have;

  • Continued to meet the HCPC’s Standards of proficiency for the safe and effective practice of the profession
  • Have not had any change relating to your good character
  • Had any change relating to your health which may affect the ability to practice safely and effectively
  • Continued to meet the HCPC’s standards for continuing professional development
  • Professional indemnity in place which provides appropriate cover; or that you are not practising at the time of renewal but you understand the requirement to have indemnity  in place when you start practising again

The HCPC sends email and text reminders when it's time for you to renew, so it's vital that your correspondence address and contact details are up to date on your HCPC online account.

However, you can renew your registration using your online account at any time during your renewal window, and we encourage you to renew as soon as possible.

Being selected for audit

During each renewal the HCPC randomly select 2.5 per cent of the profession who have been on the register for at least two years and ask them to submit their CPD profile. The information on their website clearly outlines how this can be effectively completed. We do, however, always receive a high volume of emails and calls looking for help.

The CSP has worked with the HCPC to produce an article in the Frontline in January 2023 with lots of advice and top-tips about what to expect and do to make your HCPC renewal go smoothly and advice for those selected for the CPD audit. You can get further advice from the Frontline In Question article titled 'Help! I've been selected for HCPC audit: what do I do'.

The CSP has brought together pertinent HCPC videos and resources to create a supportive virtual course:

The following FAQs have been designed to further guide you through the process.

I no longer work in a clinical role. Can I meet the HCPC’s standards of proficiency?

Yes. Practising your profession includes all activities that draw upon the professional knowledge and skills you have gained from pre and post-registration practice. Many non-clinical roles require HCPC registration; such as roles in education, management, research, policy and leadership.

CPD activities do not have to be clinical activities for you to be able to demonstrate that you meet the HCPC standards of proficiency. In a management or other non-patient facing role the CPD evidence required will be very different to that of a clinician. You will have to be able to demonstrate how you keep up to date to enable you to perform your role and develop.

I haven’t practised physiotherapy in the past two years. What do I do?

You can take a career break of up to two years and remain on the Register. However in order to renew your registration you need to have practised your profession at some point during the previous two year registration period.

If you have not practised your profession at all within the last two-years you may be unable to sign the declaration that you continue to meet the standards of proficiency for physiotherapists. If this is the case you will have to complete a return to practice process. The return to  practice requirements are flexible, minimum requirements to ensure you have up-to-date knowledge and skills.

What constitutes CPD and how should I present it?

The HCPC website has lots of resources to help and guide you with this.

I have had a long absence / am on maternity leave and have been selected for CPD audit. Can I defer?

Yes. You will need to log into your account on the HCPC website and follow the guidance given.  

I work in an advanced clinical practitioner role and my duties and responsibilities extend beyond physiotherapy. How do I demonstrate I meet the HCPC proficiencies for physiotherapists?

Advanced practice is a level of practice that registered healthcare professionals from a range of backgrounds and areas can achieve. Some of the additional tasks advanced practitioners are trained to do may not be physiotherapy, but you are able to train in these because you are a physiotherapist.

These additional tasks allow physiotherapists to personally practice skills and capabilities outside the scope of practice of their primary profession. Advanced clinical practitioners are regulated through their primary profession and as such HCPC standards must still be adhered to and you would complete the audit in order to demonstrate how you keep up to date to enable you to perform your advanced role and remain up to date. 

Am I entitled to protected time to complete my HCPC audit?

This will be a local decision. You can ask but there is no requirement. As a registered health care professional you are expected to keep your profile up to date.

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