Remote consultations

As the profession has introduced more remote physiotherapy services, the CSP has prepared guidance and resources to support you, including how you can evaluate what you offer and prepare for the future

Remote physiotherapy delivery options are a component of digital physiotherapy and encompass all methods of providing physiotherapy where the patient is remote from the practitioner.

Delivery methods include, but are not limited to, telephone, video, email, SMS, websites or apps.

Remote physiotherapy delivery options can be used in triage, for assessment and diagnosis, to provide self-management information, for e-rehabilitation packages or for monitoring of long-term conditions, and they may have a different impact depending on the purpose.

CSP guidelines for remote consultations

Four-part guidelines to planning and delivering remote consultations

CSP's guidance on implementing hybrid services
Illustration by James Gibb of roadmap

Useful resources

Find training, further reading and advice for you and your patients

Links to advice and further guidance

Digital physiotherapist case studies

Case studies from CSP members who demonstrate some of those digital solutions they've had to employ to deliver a physiotherapy service

How others have implemented remote services
COVID-19: Digital solutions

National Evaluation of Remote Physiotherapy Services

Findings from the research into how remote consultations have been implemented in the UK

Read the research behind the guidelines
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