Getting started with dance

Dancing can be done anywhere and there are styles to suit all. Here are some tips from physiotherapists on how to get started.

Dancing is great cardio and a lot of fun

 You can dance anywhere

  • Whether in your kitchen, your living room or your garden, you don’t need much space and you don’t need to be seen. Just dance! 

Dancing with others can make it even better

  • Classes and clubs give you a chance to meet new people. Or dance with a loved one to help motivate you to keep going

To find out how to get started with dance, visit the BBC website.

Dance like no-one is watching

  • Don’t worry about what others think – they’re too busy concentrating on their own moves anyway. Just do your thing and have fun!

There’s a dance step for everyone

  • From the tango to the dad dance, if you’re moving, you’re dancing. So find a style - or styles - that you like and go for it.

Take it easy to start

  • Go at your own pace and gradually build up over time, either in intensity or frequency. Expect to get out of breath and feel a little sore in the early days though.

Get inspired

Watch Ann's Active Story to see how a love of dance helped her with her arthritis. 


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