Getting started with cycling

Go outside, explore, and feel the physical benefits of cycling. 

Take your bike outdoors and enjoy the countryside

Here are some tips from physiotherapists on how to get started. 

Albert Einstein said... ‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.’

Pick the right bike

  • Decide on the type of cycling (road/off-road/commuting/casual) you think will suit you. Pick a comfortable bike that you like the look of, and that suits your chosen style. Remember to buy yourself a bike lock.

Choose some cool gear

  • It’s true, you really don’t have to wear Lycra! Wear what you feel most comfortable in when cycling. Your rides should be all about fun and freedom, so don’t feel restricted by fashion or trends.

Enjoy yourself and be eco-friendly

  • Like the Dutch, think of your bike as a trusty companion in life’s adventures. Remember to keep hydrated and take a snack, or consider a ride to the local café. Above all, make your rides sociable.

 Be safe

  • If you are new to cycling, then you don’t have to venture onto the roads immediately. There are plenty of off-road tracks and cycle-ways that will allow you to gain your confidence. Visit the Sustrans website to view the National Cycle Network routes.

Visit Cycling UK for more inspiration and advice

 Still not sure? Take a few tips from the Internet

  • Cycling UK has some excellent resources, advice and training suggestions. You can remind yourself how to get on/off a bike and ride safely, or even consider some basic maintenance. Maybe even, incorporate cycling into your daily commute?

Get inspired

Watch Ged’s Active Story to see how cycling helped him to get active with a heart condition.

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