Getting started with running

You don't need any specialist knowledge or kit to start running. Here are some tips from physiotherapists on how to get started.

Raise your endorphins with running

Look good, feel good

  • You don’t need expensive, special clothes or shoes – wear something light and comfortable. Get running shoes which are comfortable for you – there’s no need for expensive foot assessments!

Eat well, drink well

  • Energy gels are fine, but so are bananas! Eat nutritiously: fruit, malt-loaf, oats 30 minutes before running. Water is necessary, but you don’t need gallons! A glass before and after is fine.

Warm-up nice and gently

  • You don’t need anything special to warm up - just set-off walking until you feel ready to run! Easing into your run will help you feel more comfortable and reduce injuries.

Run for fun

  • Running should be enjoyable! Don’t feel you have to struggle and strain all the time. Run a bit, walk a bit. Listen to your body. Over time you will become fitter and stronger.

Ditch the tech and get off the road!

  • While tech like watches, trackers, headphones can be helpful, try not to let them get in the way of you and running. Try unplugging and use your precious time to connect with and explore open land and countryside.

Buddy up

  • Try running with a partner to help keep you motivated. Many find the community-feel and support of local parkruns helpful. Why not look up if there is a parkrun in your area you can join?
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