Active stories

We take a look at how some people have overcome their health issues to get active!


Heather on getting active with multi-joint osteoarthritis

'I knew I needed to get moving and slowly I became fitter and more confident.’

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Janet on getting active with arthritis

'I saw a local Nordic walking class advertised in my paper and haven’t looked back.’

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Ged on getting active with heart disease

'Cycling on an ebike is a very enriching and rewarding experience.’

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Ann on getting active with arthritis

'Exercise is  delaying – hopefully permanently – the need for a knee replacement.’

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Anna Curtis on getting active with a pelvic prolapse diagnosis 

'I couldn't run for a long time but I found other forms of exercise to help me through that time.'

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Annette Louis on getting active after a hysterectomy

'I’ve got more energy and it feels like my life has just begun again in my 50’s'

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Brian Watters on getting active with double hip surgery

'Staying active after such a huge operation has enabled me to keep my independence and enjoy my retirement to the full.'

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Con Heywood on getting active with a bowel cancer diagnosis

'I can only describe the experience of being diagnosed with bowel cancer as an unpleasant white knuckle roller coaster ride. The exercise I did gave me some control and improved my mental strength and resilience.'

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Corinne Snowling on getting active with a breast cancer diagnosis

'I would say that exercise should be a part of everyone’s recovery programme after surgery; the mental and physical benefits are an invaluable addition to a good recovery.'

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Diane Dyer on getting active with a fibromyalgia diagnosis

'I would encourage anyone who doesn’t do much activity to choose something they enjoy, to start slow and build up.'

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Margaret Cox on getting active with scoliosis

'I try to do at least an hours activity every day. I play badminton, do circuit training, walk, cycle and dance. I like to do fun activities that involve other people so that it is a social occasion too. We laugh a lot so it makes you feel happy and connected.'

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Mark Campbell on getting active with a PTSD and chronic pain diagnosis

'People think you have to be ripped with muscles to do it but I climb regularly with amputees.'

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Rod Hunt on getting active with chronic knee problems 

'I have been active all my life – whether it was surfing, playing rugby or cycling – and I didn’t want to lose that important part of my life.'

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Sheron on getting active with osteoarthritis and sciatica

‘Dancing doesn’t just keep me mobile, it has given me a zest for life. Some mornings I can barely move but I go to class and come out on a high and my body feels supple.’

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