Getting started with swimming

Swimming is a versatile activity with many physical benefits. Here are some tips from physiotherapists on how to get started.

Swimming is great at any age

Swim yourself healthy

  • Exercise in water is a great form of cardiovascular training and provides opportunities to work on strength, balance and flexibility. Some people find it easier to exercise in water than on land.

 Swimming for all

  • Whether you are young, old, pregnant, able-bodied, living with a disability or chronic condition, swimming can be advantageous – the water supports your body and reduces the impact on your joints.
  • Swimming doesn’t have to mean lengths, try practicing running, squats and lunges in the pool to build up strength or join a pool exercise class.

 Can’t swim? Don’t worry!

  • Many local pools offer learn to swim schemes or aquatic exercise programmes that you can attend. The Swim England Pool Finder or your local leisure provider are great sources of information.

 All the gear?

  • All you need is a swimming costume and a pair of goggles if you want to see underwater! If you prefer to cover up, don’t worry – most pools allow full-cover swimwear.

 Make it social

  • Take a friend or join a club, swimming with others is a great way to develop exercise habits and keep motivated. Don’t forget to check other activities on offer at the pool!

Get inspired

Watch Wanda's story to see hows she learned to love swimming to improve her osteoarthritis.

For further information on getting started, visit Swim England

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