Activity calendar

Use our helpful four-week planner to log your activity.

Keep a track of just how far you've come! 



Choose an activity you love as you're more likely to stick with it

Reach your activity goals

  • Stay on track by setting activity goals and keeping a note of your activity levels each week.
  • The recommended activity guidelines for adults are 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity each week, and two strength exercise sessions per week.
  • This can feel daunting, especially if you have a long-term condition. Download, print and use our planner as a tool to help you. Start by setting a long-term goal and then plan for how you can reach the goal. Remember that any activity slotted into your day is good.
  • At the end of week 4, take some time to reflect on how you progressed over the month. It is important to celebrate and make sure you reward yourself!
  • When you have completed the programme, why not start again and set new goals for next month?

Struggling to get active? Tips for overcoming your barriers

Consider using smartphone apps or fitness devices to help you

  • If you have a long-term condition, it can feel more difficult to get into physical activity. Use the planner to track how you felt after your activity and see how this changes at the end of week 4.
  • Starting small and building up slowly is really important.  This will help you to build confidence and get to know how your body responds to these challenges.
  • It’s common to get mild aches and pains when you start something new. This doesn’t mean you have hurt yourself or made your condition worse.
  • Take a buddy along with you – evidence shows that makes you more likely to keep going.
  • If you miss your goals, or feel that you didn’t do as well as you liked, don’t be too hard on yourself. Start again and set new goals.
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