The National Evaluation of Remote Physiotherapy Services

In 2020, the CSP commissioned research into how big a role remote physiotherapy services will play in the future. Its findings were used to create guidance on how to best implement hybrid services  

In response to the huge increase in remote physiotherapy delivery during the pandemic, the CSP commissioned a research team at the University of Manchester (UoM) to evaluate its impact for a wide range of patients and settings.

The project's aims were to capture learning about new models and ways of working alongside the evidence for digital rehabilitation before Covid-19. Its findings have helped us to: 

  • Share innovative approaches and new ways of working
  • Learn which technologies have worked well in different contexts and where remote service delivery is less effective
  • Provide recommendations for successful implementation and examples of good rehabilitation service models

The findings of the research

Read the full report or summary of the findings, and explore the evidence about remote physiotherapy services from the three main stages of the evaluation.

Explore the findings
Remote Physio

Responses to the survey

What questions were asked in the survey, how were they answered and what areas of physiotherapy were covered by the study

Key findings explained
Visualisation of physiotherapy settings that are delivering services remotely

Main themes from the evaluation

Examine the main themes under the categories - person, physiotherapy workforce and organisation.

Understand the main themes
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Background to the evaluation

How the research came about and the team responsible for conducting it

Background to the project
reflective practice in a team