CSP amends bye-laws to remove need for 12 supporters for Council nominees

The CSP’s Privy Council has approved amendments to the society’s bye-laws, to make it easier for members to stand for a position on CSP Council.


The amendments eliminate a previous requirement [bye-law 22.2] , which had stipulated that any member standing for Council needed to have their nominations supported by 12 other members.

However, under the newly revised bye-laws - which received approval from both CSP Council and members at last year's AGM - the number of supporters that nominees require is flexible and can be amended and agreed by Council ahead of each election.

As a result, nominees who stand for this year’s Council elections will only require the support of six other members.

Commenting on the changes Alex MacKenzie, Chair of Council said:

I am delighted to see these changes come into effect, making the process for standing for Council more accessible to more members.

‘It also shows that we are continuing to look at our structures and processes to ensure they are the best we can make them for members and the running of the CSP.’

Increasing the diversity of nominations


The changes to the bye-laws were proposed in response to feedback from CSP’s diversity networks, which identified elements within the previous Council elections process that may have benefited members with white privilege. 

One of these elements was the requirement for 12 members to support each nomination,  as feedback from BAME members has revealed that is more difficult for them to build large peer support networks, particularly among those who do not work in the NHS.


As a result, CSP identified this requirement as an unnecessary barrier, which may have previously prevented some members from feeling able to nominate themselves for election to Council.

Marina Laurie, BAME network convener, said: ‘As Co-Convenor of the BAME Network it is gratifying to know that our group input has had a positive and tangible result.

‘The Privy Council's agreement to changes to bye-laws requested by the CSP is welcomed and helpful in reducing barriers to the  CSP members who are most visibly under-represented on CSP Council i.e. those of a BAME background.

As the intersectional working between the three Diversity and Inclusion Networks grows, it may be felt that this measure equally encourages members with other protected characteristics to nominate themselves too

CSP is now taking a range of actions to support all members to feel able to nominate themselves for election to Council, including funding places on the AHPF Future leaders programme for BAME members and enabling members to observe Council meetings and buddy a current Council member.

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