BAME network

CSP's BAME network represents the interests of black and minority ethnic CSP members and is a lead contributor to physiotherapy’s equality and diversity agenda.


Gita Ramdharry on why you should join the network

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Mission and objectives

The BAME network has three objectives:

Influence and impact

We want to be a resource for the CSP Council, committees and members for guidance on BAME issues within the profession. We aim to influence and impact CSP activities which affect BAME members and raise non-BAME members’ awareness of BAME issues.

Support and challenge

Our network is a safe and supportive space for BAME members to share challenges, experiences, and learning. We’ll work to collectively challenge factors that limit individual opportunities and promote the value and contribution of BAME members.

Improve engagement and representation

We aim to facilitate and improve BAME members’ engagement in a wide range of professional activities, therefore improving BAME representation across the physiotherapy profession.


Convenor biography: Doreen

I am an advanced Specialist physiotherapist with Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Intermediate Team.

As an overseas qualified physiotherapist (qualified in Ghana), the support I gained through the CSP BAME network is what has brought me this far in my career. Without their support and encouragement in the initial stage of my physiotherapy career in the UK, I would have probably given up on the profession.

It was as part of the support that I was able to raise the motion at ARC 2012 about fitness to practice and overseas qualified physiotherapists. This led to the overseas qualified network being formed and mentoring of overseas qualified physiotherapists.

I am therefore motivated to help BAME members of the CSP especially overseas qualified to feel included and be able to contribute to physiotherapy provision in the UK.

Network priorities

Our priorities for the next year include:

  • Improving the visibility of the BAME network online and increasing activity on the iCSP forum
  • Helping review the CSP’s Equality and Diversity Toolkit, last updated in 2012 (the 2020 revised edition is now available)
  • Engaging CSP student members at student events and Physiotherapy UK
  • Writing and presenting the Motion ‘supporting diversity networks’ at ARC 2019
  • Supporting BAME members to seek out career/leadership development training opportunities

Convenor biography: Marina

I've played an active role in liaising with Diversity Network members and CSP staff which has included presenting a motion at the TUC Black Workers Conference; informing students about the BAME network and participating in our network's discussions.

I also took part in raising awareness of the diversity networks on the CSP stand at Physiotherapy UK 2018.

I come from a diverse multi-heritage background and live in South East London where I currently practice as an Independent Chartered Physiotherapist with close links to local community groups such as the Croydon BME Forum. I also provide BME grassroots insight to a local Safeguarding Children Partnership as a Volunteer Lay-member.

Get involved

We welcome new and existing members to engage in any or all of the ways which suit their wants and needs.

We have several channels for communicating with members including:

We maintain these network channels as safe spaces, in which we expect all members to respect and maintain others’ privacy

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