Council Elections 2021

Become a Council Member in our 2021 elections. 

The CSP's current Counil

This year, six places are available. Could one of them be yours? Find out more about this fantastic, well-supported development opportunity, including how to put yourself forward.

The nomination process runs from 25 January to 22 March 2021

Is Council for you?

Being a Council Member is…

  • A fantastic development opportunity
  • A chance to be heard and to influence the future of the profession
  • Open to all CSP members, and we want to reflect our diverse membership

It is also…

  • A time commitment
  • A role requiring particular skills and experience

I decided to stand as a Council member because I wanted to proactively and positively influence the strategic priorities of the CSP, and in turn the future direction of the UK physiotherapy profession.

Stuart Paterson, deputy CEO, Vita Health Group

To help you decide...

We need members with energy, enthusiasm and passion for physiotherapy. If you are interested in the big picture and enjoy discussing and thinking through complex issues and choices, then Council may be for you. It is a challenging but well-supported and hugely rewarding role, as the testimony of some existing Council members makes clear.

If you are interested, you will find all the information you need in the pages below to help you to decide whether to put yourself forward. We hope you choose to do so!

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the process to help you in your decision-making please contact the governance team 

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