CSP support for internationally qualified physiotherapists

If you're a physiotherapist who qualified overseas then the CSP provides a number of services and resources which will support you in your journey into and through working in the UK

CSP member and diversity network convenor Doreen talks about the support the CSP can offer you

Professional support

Workplace support


Our employment relations and union services directorate is our trade union arm.

Each region of the UK has a senior negotiating officer and we have a network of CSP workplace stewards and reps within workplaces who can support you with any workplace concerns or queries once you are employed.

The workplace section on this site contains useful information for you on pay, workplace rights and health and safety.

Supporting your learning and development

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    We create resources to support your learning.
  • See our explainer and FAQs to find out more about what continuous professional development (CPD) is and how you can keep up to date.
  • We host topical webinars regularly and some of these can be found on topics such as support workers, First Contact Physiotherapy, and community rehabilitation
  • CSP members can access our e-portfolio which is an easy to use online portfolio where you can record, organise and share all your reflections. The e-portfolio provides templates for different types of reflections which is a useful guide if have not previously developed a habit of reflection writing.
  • CSP members can also access our learning hub which houses eBites of interactive courses and videos to help your learning and development on topics such as CPD in practice, preparing an abstract, and AHP Health and Work Report Training.
  • We provide a monthly magazine called Frontline which will be sent to your home address every month. It covers the most topical and up-to-date issues in UK physiotherapy. Some articles can also be accessed online via our website.
  • As well as the monthly magazine, as a member you receive a quarterly scientific journal and regular e-bulletins.
  • Networking and creating links with other clinicians is a key part of learning and developing. We facilitate these networking opportunities through our diversity networks, regional networks (English regions), country boards (Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland) and professional networks. These networks and groups support a community of like-minded individuals to support and develop each other.
  • Our diversity networks are are open to all CSP members, and typically meet twice a year, including holding joint sessions on issues of common interest. There are three networks you can join:
  • Our professional networks also allow you to learn from experts in the field providing expert resources, networking events and learning opportunities.

Supporting your career development

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