DisAbility network

The DisAbility network supports CSP members with disabilities of any form to increase awareness that those with disabilities can be and are excellent physiotherapists and support workers undertaking physiotherapy duties.


CSP member Emma Webster talks about why you should join the DisAbility network

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Mission and objectives

Our network has three strategic aims. We strive to

  • Raise the profile of the network and CSP members with disabilities, including invisible disabilities.
  • Provide role models to bring others to our profession and encourage those within.
  • Be source of information or support for our members
  • To have a positive influence on disability rights and the identity of people with disabilities.

Convenor: Erin

I’m a physiotherapist working in the field of oncology and palliative care, which is my passion. It’s a huge privilege to be able to help someone who is going through one of the most difficult times of their life, and to stand by them and help them to be brave in the face of it all.

I didn’t identify with the term ‘disabled’ for most of my life but as I’ve moved through different clinical areas and gained more seniority I have learnt the benefits of what I have to offer as a disabled individual. It has been a painful process to learn exactly who I am and what I need, complicated further by the poor understanding of hidden disabilities, and it continues to remain a challenge with everything I do.

I hope my involvement in the network will help shape it to be a safe space and a strong advocate for anyone who needs our help. Whether or not you identify as ‘disabled’ is up to you, but if you fit the legal definition then please come and join our community, we’d love to be alongside you!

Get involved

We welcome new and existing members to engage in any or all of the ways which suit their wants and needs and have several channels to communicate with members, including:

  • DisAbility network iCSP forum
  • DisAbility network WhatsApp group
  • DisAbility network yearly meeting
  • Joint diversity networks yearly meeting

We maintain these network channels as safe spaces, in which we expect all members to respect and maintain others’ privacy.


Convenor: Vikki

I’m a paediatric physio working with children and young people, as well as their families, with conditions across the full spectrum covered by our profession and in a range of settings. I thoroughly enjoy using my creativity to assist with this and in making physiotherapy fun wherever possible - including pretending to be pirates when the need arises.

My involvement with staff networks came when I was redeployed to a role outside of our profession, following a period of sickness absence. Working with trust disability and lived experience networks helped me to rebuild my confidence and begin to look towards the future again. I then attended my first meeting of the CSP’s DisAbility network and loved the friendly and welcoming environment, the passion for progression and for our profession that I found there.

I’ve now returned to work and though this had been a tough process, being back has reminded me why I chose my speciality and re-motivated me to succeed.

I dream of a future where our working environments are there to help us to succeed, where adaptations are provided fluently and we are wholeheartedly accepted into our teams. There’s a long way to go and numerous steps along the way but we can do this together, given time, given collaboration and given voices.

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