LGBTQIA+ network

The CSP’s LGBTQIA+ network supports and empowers members with regards to LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the physiotherapy profession.


CSP members at Pride 2019


Physio student Niko Brenner talks about why members should join the LGBTQIA+ network.

Reasons to join the network

  1. Do you need assistance with a workplace issue relating to your sexuality and/or gender?
  2. Do you want to feel more connected to colleagues in the LGBTQIA+ community?
  3. Do you want to keep up to date with topics relevant to the LGBTQIA+ community?
  4. Do you want to be a champion for the LGBTQIA+ community?

By joining the network and getting involved, you can feel supported, connected, well informed and proud!



Get involved

There are several ways you can get involved with the network, both publicly and in our private groups. To join any of the private groups, you must first apply to join the network.

Public and private groups for network members

iCSP graphic
Join the iCSP network for news, discussions and more. N/A
WhatsApp icon
Keep in touch with fellow network members on WhatsApp. Contact Gill Feldman to join.N/A
Facebook icon
LGBTQIA+ network members can join the private Facebook group (invite only).Follow our public Facebook page for network news and updates.
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N/AFollow us on Twitter @CSPLQBTQIA for the latest updates from the network.


Using our network groups and social media safely

We want everyone who joins our groups to have a positive experience. Here are some simple dos and don'ts:


  • Adhere to each individual social media site's terms of service.
  • Join in! Share your ideas, ask questions, support others and like and respond to others' posts.
  • Treat everyone with respect; if you disagree with a particular point of view, try to offer a measured, factual response instead of criticism.
  • Remember that members of our private LGBTQIA+ network groups might not be out to everyone, so please bear that in mind when you're chatting to fellow network members in other spaces.


  • Share personal information – even in private forums like iCSP – that could lead to a patient, colleague or fellow CSP member being identified either in your own post or in combination with others.
  • Engage with obvious trolls on public sites like Twitter – block or mute them instead.

If you're completely new to social media, you can check out the CSP's social media guidance for members.



Events calendar 2021

Date                                            Awareness day/monthAssociated network events
FebruaryLGBTQIA+ History Month: Body, Mind, SpiritFrontline magazine takeover; also recognised via social media
31 MarchTrans Day of Visibility (TVOD)

Online meeting:Gender Assumptions

Hosts: Sudhir Daya (he/him) – Convenor of the LGBTQIA+ network; Niko Brenner (they/them) – physio student
Special guests: Convenors of the Disability & BAME networks; MC Wadley – CSP Council member.
Event starts: 7.15pm (GMT)

26 April – 2 MayLesbian Visibility WeekRecognised via social media
17 MayInternational Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia

Online meeting:Exclusion in inclusivity: Racism in LGBTQIA+

Hosts: Sudhir Daya (he/him) – Convenor of the LGBTQIA+ network; Dr Gita Ramdharry; Andrea Wright; Stephanie Land; Hamza Anwar.
Special guests: Convenors of the DisAbility and BAME networks; Iso Beckford, CSP Council member co-opted from the BAME network.
Event starts: 6pm (GMT)

14 JulyInternational Non-Binary DayRecognised via social media
14 AugustGay Uncle DayRecognised via social media
SeptemberPridePride in London march cancelled; Pride marches across the UK; Pride Run in London on 18 September
23 SeptemberBi Visibility DayRecognised via social media
29 SeptemberJoint Diversity Network Day

Online meeting: a chance for the three CSP diversity networks to learn, grow, organise, share and reflect

Event starts: 10am


29th OctoberOut To Sport – an intersectional meeting between DN members to explore sexual orientation and gender identity in sport at ALL levels 

Online meeting:Out to Sport 

Hosts: Paul Rees; Emma Coleman; Nick Flanagan
Event starts: 6pm (GMT)

11 OctoberNational Coming Out DayRecognised via social media
20 OctoberInternational Pronoun DayRecognised via social media

24-26 October


Ace Week (formerly Asexual Awareness Week)Recognised via social media
26 OctoberIntersex Awareness DayRecognised via social media
8 NovemberIntersex Day of RemembranceRecognised via social media
20 NovemberTransgender Day of RemembranceRecognised via social media
1 DecemberWorld AIDS Day online event 

Online meeting: Let's Talk About Sex Baby

Host: Darren Brown (he/him) – Specialist HIV physiotherapist
Event starts: 6pm (GMT)


About us

The network was set up in 1995 and sits within the Employment Relations and Union Services (ERUS) Directorate at the CSP. The network is led by a Convenor or Co-Convenor (if a job-share is preferred), whose role lasts for a two-year term before they either step down or stand for re-election. 

Network members have supported the education and transformation of LGBTQIA+ rights within physiotherapy, workplaces and wider society. 

Convenor: Sudhir Daya (he/him)

Sudhir Daya, Convenor, CSP LGBTQIA+ network
Sudhir Daya, Convenor, CSP LGBTQIA+ network

I am a gay cisgender male of South Asian heritage who grew up in apartheid South Africa.

I work in the private sector and my background in musculoskeletal outpatients, sports (dance, circus and musicians) pain, acupuncture and ergonomics led me to form The Life Architect - a human potential consultancy empowering people to design the life they want to live.

I am keen for the network to:

  • have a greater presence within the profession
  • be more accessible to participate in
  • be something that members are proud to be a part of

I have lots of ideas and I am very open to hear yours. Please feel free to get in touch.

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