Israel-Gaza: supporting physios through conflict

Alongside the mounting number of deaths, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas is causing huge numbers of life changing injuries.

Rehabilitation for those injured will be an ongoing challenge even after any cessation of violence, especially in Gaza. Many members of the global physiotherapy community want to help.

International support

It is important that support is designed to provide what is most needed locally. Requests for practical help will come through the World Health Organisation to World Physiotherapy. World Physiotherapy will coordinate member organisations, including the CSP, to provide the support needed.

The CSP has been liaising with World Physiotherapy, who are in direct contact with the leaders of the physiotherapy associations in Palestine, Israel and neighbouring countries.

As of 23 January 2024, there has been no request for support in the region. At this stage of the conflict it would be virtually impossible to provide practical help in Gaza.

Working in conflict zones

CSP members already work in paid and voluntary roles around the World supporting communities facing conflict, environmental challenges and economic disadvantage.

If you want to find out more about working in this field ADAPT is the CSP recognised professional network for members working in international aid and development

Financial support

Members who want to offer financial support for humanitarian action may wish to support one of these organisations: 

CSP position on Israel-Gaza

We have joined healthcare worker organisations representing 41million professionals worldwide in calling for all parties to:

  • cease acts which threaten civilians
  • protect healthcare workers regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, or political affiliation
  • respect international law.
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