Remembering HCPs three months into the Gaza conflict

A statement from the CSP on the conflict in Gaza.

In the three months since the Gaza conflict began, there has been great suffering for both Palestinians and Israelis. For many of our members, particularly those with personal links to the region, this has been an especially difficult time. As an organisation, we have supported international calls for all parties to protect healthcare workers regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, or political affiliation.

The Hamas attack on Israel in October saw the kidnapping of a physiotherapist and other healthcare professionals, some of whom are believed to still be in captivity. Tragically, we have seen many deaths amongst our peers since then. It has been reported that 28 Palestinian physios have been killed so far. Many other healthcare professionals have also been killed, injured or been impacted psychologically.

We mourn the loss of our professional colleagues in both Gaza and Israel and we empathise with all those who have suffered in other ways. We hope that a way is found as soon as possible to end military action in Gaza and to stop further attacks on Israel.

Our thoughts are with all Palestinian and Israeli physiotherapists and healthcare workers at this most awful of times. We continue to urge all those who are fighting to ensure that physios and other healthcare workers are protected.

Our colleagues need this protection so that they can provide the growing levels of care which are needed as a result of the conflict.

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