CSP chair’s statement on Gaza and Israel

A statement from Ishmael Beckford, chair of CSP Council. 

Ishmael Beckford, chair of the CSP Council has issued the following statement.

'I share the deep concerns expressed by many CSP members about the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Israel. The attack on Israel by Hamas was an appalling act of terrorism. The subsequent Israeli military action in Gaza is causing a humanitarian crisis. Our thoughts are with all the victims of violence, those taken hostage and their families.

'We are particularly aware of the challenges facing health workers in the region. As a World Physiotherapy member we endorse the statement made by the World Health Professions Alliance

'Physiotherapists in Israel and Palestine will be dealing with the impact of this conflict for years to come as they support the rehabilitation of those injured. We are committed to supporting them.'

Members who want to offer support for humanitarian action in the region may wish to contact one of these organisations: 

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