Building a better balance

The CSP’s ‘Building a better balance’ campaign aims to raise awareness about flexible working. Find out how alternative working patterns can work well for staff, employers and patients alike.


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Flexible working

Achieving a good and productive work life balance is vital for all our members. Over three quarters of them are women and the majority are below age 40. This means that many have primary childcare responsibilities that they need to fulfil alongside their working lives.

In addition to this, there are many other reasons why people may need to work flexibly. Some may be taking care of elderly or sick relatives while increasingly men want to take a greater role in childcare. Others might have a long term health condition or disability requiring reduced working hours.

Organisations that promote flexible working find that it aids recruitment and retention. It improves productivity, reduces stress, and makes staff feel valued and motivated.

It is not only good for employees and employers but also good for patients and quality of care. It can seem daunting to run a service where many staff work flexibly but the long term benefits it brings can far outweigh the initial effort involved.

Use the resources below to find out more about your rights to flexible working. Managers who are responsible for processing requests for flexible working will also find them useful.

Your local CSP steward is available to help. If you don’t have steward - or don’t know who they are - contact the CSP Enquiries Team on 020 7306 6666 or

Help us develop case studies

We are looking to develop case studies – good and bad. If you would like to share yours, please get in touch with Sian Caulfield. If you are concerned about your privacy, we can work with you to address this.

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