Pinpoint the pressure: together we can tackle workloads

Find out about – and get involved in – the workplace campaign to tackle growing and unreasonable workloads.


We know from members and CSP reps across the UK that workplace pressures are currently affecting them, whether in the NHS or elsewhere.


New tech: stressed out of a job

New technology should help, but without proper training physios' health could be at risk.

Find out more about the tech aspects of our Pinpoint the pressure campaign.

Members working in the NHS are struggling to cope with high workloads, reduced resources and support during these difficult times. The impact of constant change and reorganisation in the NHS is also taking its toll.

Rather than struggling alone, we want to get you thinking about what you can do to support each other - and to help find improvements that could alleviate these problems.

This campaign is not just about staff though, it will help patients too. NHS organisations that actively engage with staff to improve their health and wellbeing deliver higher levels of patient satisfaction.

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Take part in the campaign yourself


As part of our campaign we have produced a new resource pack to help reps identify the causes of job stress and overwork. The pack includes a simple survey, instructions, a results form, and templates on how best to share your findings with colleagues and your employer.

We would love to hear from our reps on how you are getting on with this campaign. Please download the Report your Results template below to complete and share experiences with other reps at your regional training day.

Alternatively, email the form to your regional rep/steward/SNO and please also copy in CSP health & safety officer Donna Steele.

Find out more

Take an in-depth look at some specific workplace stress issues via Frontline feature articles:

  • CSP campaigns: pressure drop: a CSP workplace campaign to address stress and workload has resulted in wins for staff and patients across the country

  • Tipping point - stress in NHS staff: at a time when the NHS is under severe financial pressure, it’s no wonder that stress levels of hardworking frontline staff have increased
  • Stressed out: some stress at work might help us meet a pressing deadline but too much can have disastrous consequences
  • Come together: addressing work-related stress: employers must work with NHS trade unions to address work-related stress, says the NHS Staff Council
  • Managing pressures in practice: CSP professional adviser Gwyn Owen looks at how professional standards can help you face potentially compromising pressures at work

And as a member, you can download a set of stress advice sheets and access further guidance on the dedicated stress page.

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