Pinpoint the pressure: How to reduce heavy workloads

Review and use our resources and information on how you can tackle growing and unreasonable workloads.


We know from members and CSP reps across the UK that workplace pressures are currently affecting them, whether in the NHS or elsewhere.

Members working in the NHS are struggling to cope with high workloads, reduced resources and support during these difficult times. The impact of constant change and reorganisation in the NHS also taking its toll.

Rather than struggling alone, consider talking to your colleagues at work about what is going on and how you all feel about it.  In 2017 the CSP run a national campaign called Pinpoint the Pressure to tackle over-work.  We developed an easy to use resource pack (see below) to assist members to identify the problems and seek with their managers workable solutions.  What we learnt from that campaign is when we do come together we can alleviate work pressures.  The evidence provided below, via links to Frontline feature articles on what we achieved and how we did it.  

Your efforts may also help patients too. NHS organisations that actively engage with staff to improve their health and wellbeing deliver higher levels of patient satisfaction.

How to pinpoint the pressure


Use our resource pack to identify the causes of job stress and overwork. The pack includes a simple survey, instructions, a results form and templates to share your findings with colleagues and your employer.

Find out more

Read about members' experiences and how they reduced workplace stress:

And as a member, you can download a set of stress advice sheets and access further guidance on the dedicated stress page.

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